I thought that Kathy and Sean would be spending their Christmas up in a nicely remodeled attic this Christmas, and sadly that is not happening. Work is so slow that my turtle moves faster. I had visions of what it would look like with Kathy and Sean all snuggly cozy warm upstairs with their very first Christmas Tree. Instead they are a wee bit cold in my basment instead. In order to get them warm down there, I have to crank up the heat more than I'm used to.

Hopefully, the heating guy will install the heat up there real soon, after he puts in the last heating duct that is going in tomorrow.

When the electrician moved my electric meters, he neglected to put my downspout back. Now, because it is cold, and we have had snow, I have a huge icicle where the downspout should be. It's hard opening up my backdoor. That's no fault of the electrician, but the man who put in my door was way too effiecient, and the door swings too close to the ground. So everytime there's a little bit of water or snow by the door, it freezes and the door won't open. I have become quite adapt at chopping ice.

A lot is not happening that should be happening, and I guess we can say the cold is part of the reason behind that.

I choose to wish the man a Merry Christmas rather than wring his neck.