I smell watermelon. I am sitting here on a cold wintry Monday morning, and I smell watermelon coming up my heating vent. The drywall men arrived at my house bright and early at 7 a.m. I wonder how much drywall they will be able to put up in one day's work? Last Friday when they were here, they spent 1/2 their time carrying that heavy drywall up into the attic, so only a few small areas were completed.

My grandson is surprised at how warm the attic is without their being any heat up there. I guess heat really does rise. I don't look forward to how much the heating bill is going to rise though once the attic is finished. I hope Kathy is saving her pennies because her move upstairs is getting closer.

So Kathy must have some smelly watermelon candle burning downstairs, or perhaps one of those Glad things that you plug into the electric socket. I guess I'd rather smell watermelon than cigarette smoke. How does anyone smoke those nasty things.