Today, I received a phone call from the Chicago Building Department. Two weeks ago, when I had my meeting, I left my building plans with a gentleman in charge of New Construction. Basically, he was going to get back to the architect who drew them up, and have the plans revised so that I can continue on with my project as originally planned.

As it turns out, I have an incorrect company listed as the General contractor on my project. This Construction company employs the architect who made the error. My phone call today informed me that this Construction company, may indeed be responsible for finishing up my project for me.

Bottom line is, I am supposed to be receiving a phone call from this Construction company to set up a meeting so that we can discuss the matter. I guess this Construction Company can get into some trouble legally, if they don't satisfy the Chicago Building Department.

Now, I never set out to get anyone in trouble, when I wrote my letter to the Building Department. I was just trying to find out what were the proper steps for me to take. I did present the facts to them, as I knew them, along with the documents that pertained to my project. They were the ones who looked into it further.

So, I will wait for my phone call, and just maybe, I can get this project finished with little or no expense on my part. I do know for a fact that I don't have to see or hear from the man that I recently fired. That was promised to me for sure.

So I wait, and perhaps this time, it will be good news.