When my grandson graduated from grammar school, my husband gave me some money to put away so that we could take a Disney cruise when Sean completed high school. That was four years ago.

Sean used to love going on Disney vacations. He took his very first Disney vacation, in 1997 at the age of 4 with his grandfather, and me. We had a wonderful time at Disney World. The castle was a cake, and Sean loved it. The Polynesian was a perfect place for the three of us to stay, and my husband talked about going back some day. Sadly for me, he never has.

In the meantime Disney got into the cruiseline business. I wanted to take a cruise when Sean was younger, but it seems we just never got around to planning one. We went to back to WDW and also to Disneyland. Instead of taking grandpa along, we invited mom.

Sean is now 18, and this is the year that we should be celebrating his graduation, and planning that cruise. Well neither is happening. Sean is not graduating this year, and we are not taking a Disney Cruise. I am more disappointed about Sean's failure in school than I am about missing the cruise. The money is still tucked safely away for that. I figure it might not ever happen at all. Not the way I pictured it in my head. Some things are not meant to be. I have my memories, of Disney magic past. Only Sean, at this point in time, can lay claim to that promise made four years ago.