I guess Summertime isn't meant for remodeling. Especially when one's contractor decides to take a 6 week vacation all the way to Serbia. Now, I'd have to get my atlas out to know exactly where Serbia is. My contractor is due back August the 15th, and 12 days later after that I am due to leave on my yearly vacation to Wisconsin with my husband and grandson.

It's been hot in Chicago. Temperatures in the 90's. The attic isn't airconditioned yet, of course, so workers would have a rough time up there.

I waited this long, what's a few more months, right? Well I am done complaining. I obviously have no control over anything, anyway.

I am looking forward to my vacation. One week in the Dells at the end of the Summer with the two most important men in my life. We stay in a 2 bedroom unit in the Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness Resort, and it is wonderful. Waterparks on the premises, and very nice restaurants. The best thing, is the peace and quiet, and all the great alone time. My husband really loves the place, and this vacation is especially for him. He works hard all year, and it's the one week out of the year that he really deserves to get away. He likes the fact that it's all just a 3 hour drive up there from Chicago.

Summertime. Hey my birthday is just around the corner.