I live on the first floor of my 2 flat apartment building. My grandson's mom is a smoker, and she has taken up residence in my basement, until she makes her move to my attic. She has taken in her nephew who is also a smoker, so I have 2 people smoking downstairs from me. I have a gas forced air furnace in my house, which means vents.

So what comes up the vents. Cigarette smoke which annoys me and quite frankly gives me headaches sometimes. Laundry detergent that has such a sickening perfumie smell that I sometimes find myself becoming nauseous. The odor from that has given me sneezing fits. Then we must not forget the cat smell that is everywhere. My basement. My back porch, and in my backporch closets, which quite frankly is where the majority of my clothing is hanging.

All I can say is yuck!

I use unscented laundry detergent, because quite frankly if I don't I would scratch profusely. I have lived alongside smokers all my life, and quite frankly the older I get the less I tolerate it, and the more I want to go downstairs and rip the cigarettes out of their hands. I don't like cats, and I never have. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for ever allowing them in my house.

So why do I put up with it? I don't know. I'm sitting here wondering how I allowed all these invasions into my house, and into my life. Could it be perhaps that I care for the people attached to these elements of my discomfort?

I need to go on a cleaning binge. It's the better alternative than what I'd really love to do.