My contractor told me today, in an e-mail, that I have the patience of an angel.

I hadn't heard from my contractor in about three weeks. I figured that maybe the Thanksgiving holiday had something to do with that. Or perhaps he had a crisis in the family. I even worried he was ill. Today I did find out the reason for his lack of communication, and there's no need to go into that here.

Patience, I have. I was most concerned about the silence. Silence can make one think things that they shouldn't be thinking. Sometimes, silence makes us want to do things that we really shouldn't be doing.

I always like to give a person a chance to explain themselves. I do hate being ignore, but sometimes we find out that not everything is really about us. Our concerns are not the only thing, necessarily, on someone else's plate.

Patience of an angel. I'll accept the compliment.

I'm still holding out for getting my Christmas wish.