Where do I begin to explain what has happened since I last posted in my Blog? I got a compliment from my contractor about how patient I was. I actually believed the man at that point in time. I have been so gullible. I later discovered that this 2nd contractor was just as bad as the first one. I now wonder if he ever actually planned on doing anything that he said that he would. Sure he did a little work, but bottom line is that I never saw the man after the electric went in. I never saw him after he dropped off 3 screen doors at my house.

All I got was promises, excuses, and stall tactics. Christmas came, and went, New Year's came and went. I finally sent him a nasty e-mail telling him exactly how I felt, and how he was no better than the first contractor. I guess he didn't like hearing the truth, because I haven't seen, or heard from him since.

Now, I am probably supposed to follow through with my last two final inspections, but frankly I have decided that I am done trying to do this by the book. It has not worked out for me, and I have hit too many brick walls trying to do things the perfect way. SO instead, I have hired my own furnace guy, and my furnace went in last week. My screen doors are going in tomorrow, and Sean's windows have been ordered and are expected in 2 week's time.

Kathy and Sean are now my official tenants. Rent has been discussed, and Kathy is busy making the attic their home. Official move in date is March the first.

There comes a time when we must move ahead. Accept the things that we have done wrong, and learn from them. I admit my part in the mistakes of the last two and a half years. I appreciate the good things that the two contractors did accomplish. However if I ever ran into them in public, I would cross the street.

The attic looks pretty good after all the turmoil, and I think Sean and Kathy should be comfortable living there.

Thanks for following my saga. Follow my thread in MiceChat's Main Lounge. You can't miss it, it's called Barbaraann's Folly - An Attic Adventure.