Today I find myself down on my knees.

I have lived in my house for about 25 years, and ever since I moved in, there has been this carpeting on the stairs and floor of my enclosed back porch. Well after all this time, this carpet has a really horrible odor. Most of that I contribute to the cats that live in my 2 flat building. First my tenant with her two cats, and then my grandson moves in with two more.

Now cats will do what cats will do, Can't blame them for that. However, I can't stand the smell anymore. So I am down on my my knees starting to remove the carpet. It will be a long and grueling process, due to the disintegration of the carpet pad underneath. I love working alone. I have been offered help, but I prefer to make this a one-woman job, so it gets done the way that I want it to be done.

My neighbor/tenant/cat owner made an appearance just about 9 a.m this morning as I had turned on the vacuum cleaner. I suppose that I might have woke her up when I turned on the vacuum. I didn't say anything to her, and perhaps I had a strange look on my face as I was vacuuming up more of the dust. Anyway, she comes back about three minutes later when the vacuum was off, and asks me if she has offended me in some way. I didn't reply to her, because quite frankly, I didn't need or want anything to distract me from what I was doing at the moment.

So now I am taking a breakfast break. One needs to fortify their body in order to have the energy to do what needs to be done during one's day. Perhaps I will think about why it is that my tenant rubs me the wrong way. It's kind of like oil and water. Has anyone been ever thrown into your world, that you really wish had never been?

No time to solve that mystery today. My breakfast awaits.