My sister is one of those people who I always seem to only see and hear from during the bad times in our lives. I saw her a lot when my mom was in the nursing home, and dealing with Alzheimer's. Now that my brother has had a heart attack, and is facing open heart surgery tomorrow, I have seen and heard a lot from her lately as well.

I guess that I could call her more on the telephone. I guess I could try and visit her, even if she does live in the suburbs, and I don't drive. I guess I could make the effort to keep in touch more.

Guilt is a terrible thing, and when someone get's ill, or has trouble in their lives, we want to rally the troops and help them out. Well what about enjoying the good times. Why don't we do that. Why is it that we then have the excuses?

Don't plan on attending my funeral. If you have something to say, say it now. You want to see me, see me now. My wishes have always been that when I am gone. I am gone. No need to visit me. Your chances are over.