I need to take a deep breath and relax. Now that my attic is finished, and my grandson is a college student life has turned a corner. I still have problems. Who doesn't? However, I need to relax more. My husband tells me that each and every day. I worry way too much about everything, and I let everything bother me. So I am trying to take his advice.

My husband recently was hospitalized with a terrible nosebleed that wouldn't stop. He spent 48 hours in the hospital, and learned that he has high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He is the only breadwinner in our house, so if anything happens to this man, I don't know what I might do. Most likely, I'd over react, because I'm good at that.

I'm trying to just lean back, and enjoy those things that bring me joy. Thanksgiving is coming, and I love that holiday. I actually love the cooking, and having everyone over. I don't even mind the cleaning of the house that I really try and do especially this time of year.

I have a very long Disneyland vacation coming up, and I am especially looking forward to that. Although, it will definitely be the last time, I think, that I'll travel to Disneyland in the Winter.

I turned 65, and I am enjoying a few perks of old age. Although the joints don't cooperate, especially the knees.

So, I'm taking a lot of deep breaths and letting go of as much stress as I can. Life's too short to be as crabby as I feel sometimes.