When family members get in trouble, are you like me? I just want to crawl under a rock, and never come out. It's the embarrassment that I can't handle. I take those situations very personal. I don't want to admit that anyone in my family can act that way, and get themselves in that amount of trouble. I can't take the disappointment. It takes me a while to accept the flaws that have surfaced in the ones that I love.

When these things happen, my knee jerk reaction is to run and hide, and retreat. I withdraw, and I don't want to talk to anyone, about anything. I certainly don't want to have to explain why I am suddenly moody and quiet. I can't keep a secret of this kind. It affects my behavior in a strange way.

I guess you could say I am a bit of a pouter. Eventually, I mull it all over in my mind, and I get over it. Talking to my husband usually calms me down after my initial disappointment.

My mom and dad would make one request of us when we were kids. Don't you ever embarrass your parents. I'd like to think that I never did.