My tenant's apartment is about to become a war zone again. The reason being is that her entire apartment needs new electrical wiring. My house is old. I have lived in it since 1986, and I have tried to keep up with the problems, but they keep multipying and multiplying. One small complaint about a ceiling fixture that doesn't work, and sound electrical advice has come to the realization, that the best course of action is to have the apartment rewired.

In the meantime, there is going to be a real mess. Why didn't we do this when she already had a mess from the attic remodel? Well money, for one thing. I feel bad, because when she finally gets her house all comfy and cozy the way she likes it, now she has to deal with a week's worth of construction workers, and electricians making holes, and stirring up a lot of dust. What will be worse? Getting the rewire done? Or cleaning up the mess, and patching up the mess after? Then the whole place will have to be repainted as well.

Sounds like 2013 will be declared War Zone Year at my place.