It might have something to do with my age, but I am beginning to hate my house. There's just way too much work to do around here. My husband is no help. He says he works all day, and he shouldn't have to come home, and do stuff around the house. I count myself lucky when he does anything. Sometimes, he gets out the dusting spray, and dust rag and dusts the living room and dining room. That's about the extent of his participation.

I recently had my tenant's apartment rewired, and they left behind a lot of holes. Then I had the holes patched, and of course now the apartment needs painting. My tenant wants to help, but her painting skills are nil. So, I am the one who will have to do the work. I certainly don't have the cash to hire a professional painter.

My problem is I am a perfectionist. I want it done a certain way, and when other people don't work up to my standards, I go back and fix it.

I finally had my kitchen ceiling taken down, and so now I am in the middle of that job. Not to mention the back porch is only 1/2 painted as well.

I need to breath. Take it one small task at a time, or I just might pack the bags, and flee this place.

Older age, an uncooperative body, and slow progress makes me weary.

So, I'm beginning to hate my house. Things keep going wrong. Needing fixing, and cleaning, and painting, and....I better get busy. Someday, and I'm hoping it's soon, I want it all done. So I can sit back and enjoy it all.

Does that day, ever really come for a home owner?