I am terrified of bugs. Lately, ants have gotten into my house. I guess that I should have paid better attention to the problem. I would see one, every once in a while, and so I would squash it. Well tonite, they decided to invade my bedroom. There's a desk in there, and I also have my computer in there. I was watching television, and I turned around, and I could not believe what I was seeing. Lots of ants were crawling all over the desk. I honestly did not know what to do next.

After spraying, and some cleaning, and lots of cringing, and almost crying, I am now afraid to go to sleep. I am afraid the ants will crawl on me while I am asleep, and I am afraid I will have nightmares about ants.

I wish that I was brave, and didn't have the fears that I have. I am afraid of bugs, and rodents, and water over my head. I never learned how to swim. I sit here imagining that ants are crawling on my arms and legs.

i will be glad when daylight arrives. I can then do some more thorough cleaning. The ants are gone from the desk, of course, but I am still seeing some random ones in my room, and in the kitchen, and on my back porch.

Why does this have to happen now, just 4 days before my Disneyland vacation. I hope the ants didn't crawl in the suitcase that I packed today.

I believe in God, but why did he have to make ants?