An inspirational movie about an injured dolphin that has to have his tail removed and then needs to have a artificial tail created for it in order to survive. It is based on a true story, but with elements added that were typical Hollywood conventions. It is very similar to Free Willy in that a young boy ends up making a connection with a Cetacean. The movie grabs your heart from the moment you see the injured dolphin stranded on the beach. Dolphins are beautiful intelligent creatures which makes them so easy to get emotional about.

The movie is not just about the dolphin's tail though it also is about the boy finding something to care about in life again while he has struggled to find something to connect with after the loss of his father. He is a lost soul until this connection with the dolphin changes his life. It is also about the journey of his older cousin that was a potential Olympic swimmer until he suffers a crippling injury while overseas fighting for our country and how he learns to accept his handicap. It is a touching story that is well executed in its telling.

I wish the DVD had more extras about the actual story that it is based on.