I was surprised by The Adventures of Tintin. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. I shouldn't have been a surprise---after all it was directed by one of the best directors ever Steven Speilberg. It was produced by Peter Jackson and had a John Williams soundtrack and yet I was surprised. It may have been my lack of familiarity with the source material, a well known European comic strip that isn't as well known in the States. The style of animation seemed more like the Polar Express style which I haven't really embraced in the past, so maybe that is why my expectations weren't as high. Well I loved this movie!

The music and story were straight out of some long lost Indiana Jones adventure with Tintin in the role of Indy. The story was interesting with a mystery to be solved and the action and flow of the film was wonderful. The secret for a lost treasure lead to an excellently paced movie that really moved along, once again like an Indiana Jones adventure with a little bit of cartoon thrown in. I will line up if there is another Tintin movie now that I know what it is all about. Action, Adventure, and Suspense. The trailers for the movies said all of these things and for some reason I didn't believe them at the time. Now I'm a true beleiver. This movie was exciting in a way that big budget live action films are, but since it was a cartoon the outrageous stunts seemed right at home as opposed to being unbelievable like they would be in many live action films. It was a cartoon version of Indiana Jones and probably the only reason I didn't give it a 10 out of 10 is because it just makes me want to see a CGI animated Indiana Jones movie now..... If anything this movie convinced me that a CGI Indiana Jones could be done......Harrison Ford's iconic character could live on forever without having to replace him with a different actor like they do with the Bond films. The animation in Tintin shows that it can be done---just as the Clone Wars has done for Star Wars on TV----Tintin proves that movies that aren't just talking and fartings animals can be done in CGI. I'm definitely ready for more Tintin.