So Thursday was a pretty uneventful day for the most part. Went to class, took notes, all that jazz. Went home back to the dorm and hung out and such. I decided for dinner I'd go to Ameci's and get a sandwich to bring home, since it was closer than the dining room and I could eat it in my room. So I get there and order it, and wait a good 10-15 minutes for them to make it. I understand some amount of time to make fun food, especially if it's from scratch, but that long for a sandwich was ridiculous, especially because I was watching them and they spent most of the time chatting in the kitchen then making the food. There was one guy who I'm assuming was a delivery guy was just standing in the kitchen talking to the people cooking and distracting them. He was a big guy too and he kept leaning on the counters and they'd bow and shake like they were going to collapse. So I finally get my sandwich and trek back to my dorm in the rain trying not to get my sandwich wet, go to my room and eat it.

When I got back Mike was playing N64 and Danny was playing chess with another guy, I think his name was Jeff. At around 7:30, Lisa came over. Not much going on until 8 and the TV got turned on, I thought they were going to watch Lost, so I avoided the living room as I dislike the show. Though 15 minutes through the first hour, they decided on playing Risk. I thought it was going to be a nerd party, playing Risk and watching Lost, but they turned off Lost. They had ordered a pizza at 7:00 or so. I was offered some, but declined since I already ate.

Once the Risk game was starting, I decided to go and see what was going on and hang out with them. It was quite entertaining watching them battle it out. All of them have mouths like sailors, especially Lisa. And they are creative with their insults and cursing. The sexual tension between Lisa and Mike was extremely thick. They were constantly bantering with each other and she kept smacking him around. I have/had a crush on Lisa, as I usually do on most girls who treat me nice + are my type. Can't help it, I'm desperate, so there was a tiny bit of jealously, not very much. The game was quite entertaining, lots of battling back and forth and lots of exchanged insults. Adam left early to go get drunk with his girlfriend. The game ended up being just Danny versus Lisa. Danny was going to win no matter what, but Lisa pulled the jerk move and kept fighting back and actually gained some ground before she finally decided to give up at 11:30.

After we all split off, Danny and Jeff left and Mike went to his room with Lisa. I closed my door before I was able to hear anymore "fun" sounds from that room if there was any.

So overall, it was a pretty fun night. There is free bowling next Thursday and my roommates are going, so I'll probably go too, since I love bowling.