It's so funny how memories can sometime steal you away from where you are...some can be happy from a time of sadness, some just the opposite; sometimes, you're given something unique: a memory of something beautiful that makes your current happiness even stronger and more beautiful.
A memory hit me today as strong as if it happened yesterday. This year I went to Minnie's Moonlit Madness, which (if you don't know) is a CM event at DL after closing--a trivia contest and a scavenger hunt that is a hell of a lot of fun.
(Sidenote: if you know someone who works at the parks, ask them to sign up for it and to be on their team this coming year. It is a great experience, and the most fun I've ever had at the parks!)
Anyway, that week I had been text messaging non-stop with this great guy i met over Facebook. (Before you hit the panic button, hear the rest of the story!) I literally couldn't stop talking to him, he was so much fun. I was liking him more and more as time went on, but I was really trying not to. I didn't want another relationship where I'd never see the person, and I didn't know if he even liked me back. Every time I'd get a response, I would smile really big and giggle to myself. WeWantstheRed'ead, BassBone and SingerSoul would all roll their eyes (but with a smile, they knew I was at least happy.) While eating dinner at Pizza Port, he asked who I supported in the upcoming election. I said that I was supporting Obama...and he said (if I recall correctly) "It's official, you're perfect."
I literally jumped up and down squealing at that.
Shortly afterward, we had to get in line to check in for Moonlit Madness. (Sidenote to the 'Venture Bros' fans out there: There was a group dressed up the Orange County Liberation Front. It was amazing.) Only one person could stay in line, so WeWantstheRed'ead and I went over to loiter in front of another ticket booth. I was still texting with this amazing guy. All of a sudden, he says.... "I really like you. >.<"
I jumped up and down again. And yelled.
I can't remember my response but I know I called him shortly after that. And I was texting with him that night, and all that following day, and then we talked on the phone all that night.
A few weeks later (or maybe less), we were saying how it was far too soon in whatever it was that we were to say that we loved each other. In leiu of that, we said "I love that you exist"....and one night he slipped and said he loved me. And I cried, because I loved him too. Shortly after, we decided that we were going to have know, 'boyfriend', 'girlfriend', and I finally met him in person. Ok, so we did it backwards, but meeting It was love--truly, not just words--at first sight. Really.
Three months pass.

This is us a few weeks ago, when we were in Berkeley. I really love him, with all my heart.