It's back to DISNEYLAND!

Yes I needed to say it somewhere and although I've fallen off the face of the MC earth...I returned. After a tough long 7 month epic battle with the dungeon boss named Jobless, I won the battle after I received the weapon, Thinking OUT of the Box. (can you guess I'm a gamer). I finally got a job.

So the next step in my quest for happyness is to renew mine and my son's Disneyland Annual Premium Passes. After I get my tax refund within the next few weeks, that mini-quest will be completed and I finally can enjoy the wonderful offerings Disney is giving!

So, yes, I'm a gamer. Mostly World of Warcraft and Wizard101 with my son (ok ok..I have my OWN Storm's fun!) and I'm here to finally spread the joy that is Disney.

Because as it was once quoted by Julie Andrews, when you enter Disneyland ALL your worries just...disappear. That is what makes that place legendary and epic in it's own right.