For my first ever "blog" post I decided to write about my never ending obession with everything Disney. Even at the age of 29, Disney still brings out the kid insided me. I just know that it makes me feel happy. At work the first thing I do turn it on to a Disney radio and for the rest of my hectic, boring, day at least the music of Disney, keeps me going and makes me happy. I get a lot of redicule from people saying, that at the age of 29, I have childish obession with something "childish". I have learn to not listen to those who redicule me, because they don't understand the magic of Disney. I have seen so many Disney fan websites, all were the same, but then I stumbled upon Micechat and I knew from the moment that I read Al's blog and saw the my fellow Disney fanatics, that I had found my (excuse the pun) my laughin place. It felt so go to relate and talk to other fans who share the same passion and obession as me. Micechat has kept me inform of all the many goings of my beloved Disneyland as well as other news, that for some might not consider important, but important enough for us to take it serious. Micechat has fueld my obession and passion to even new levels, because I feel that I'm close to Disney and Disneyland more then ever because of the so much new knowledge that I have learned in the past couple of months. I have learned by this website to show pride of your passion rather then hide it, and that is why I am no longer embrassed to put on my disney music at work or any other place. I am a Proud Disney Geek.