This is really pissing me off! I understand that everyone has a right to their opinion, and that stating said opinion is a constitutional right. Here's the pain in my side... the Yes on 8 ads! I'm not allowed to state my political opinion in my sig line... so why must I b3ee subjected to the uneducated rhetoric of the these political IDIOTS?!

If I can't post political views, I shouldn't have to be subjected to them in ads.

Also, Yes on 8 goes against what MANY people on this site stand for. So shouldn't the offending ad be removed? Total and utter bull****.

MiceChat did NOT pick those Ads. Our Google Ad system picked the ads for us. We would NEVER allow such hurtful and hateful ads to appear if we had control. We have reported the Ads to Google and they did disappear after a few hours. However, they seem to be back again. We are FURIOUS with Google and with the mean and nasty human beings at the Yes on 8 campaign who placed these ads on our site.