I am moved to words as this is something we have never seen. It's amazing to me what can happen when enough people speak up and support who they want for their nations leader.

He's a great speaker and I can only hope that his resolve is as strong as his words. May our President have the strength and clarity to bring the conflicts within our nation into clearer understanding. With hope I look to the President for guidance through these rough times; I look to our President as an example of what can be, should be and what we all should aspire to be. Strength, Strong insight and Power uncorrupted.

This is what I hope, this is what I dream of.

President Obama will not solve all of our problems... that is too much to ask of a single person. What I hope is that President Obama will begin the uphill climb of our nation and from there we will, hopefully, continue to move forward and ever up. Changing the views of so many and adding a depth and breadth of wisdom that feels to have been missing for some time.

With a willing heart and open mind I move forward this year. I can only hope that others with more power than I will do the same.