Happy New Year to one and all!!!

This past year, it wasn't so great then I thought. It always seem to be my fault. I can't complain, but I did have some good times on Mice Chat. Until I start pushing people away. Why?? I do not know, it just happens. I didn't mean to, it's from my own stupidity. From what I learned about me during the past year is that I tend to be too forward resulting scaring people away or making them uncomfortable. I see others and the fun and the connections they have, that is what I want, but my big mouth tends to get me into trouble.

So, this year, I vow to be a changed person. I will think before I act and say anything.I want to be able to make wonderful friends and have relationships to last a long time. I don't want to be the old me anymore. I want to be a whole, brand new person that everyone loves. I am an introvert and tend to keep things to myself.

This is a new year, so therefore, I shall become a whole new me!!! Bring it on, 2009!!!