Well, we are already into August, and that means just over a week before the Southern California Annual Passholders can return to Disneyland (Sunday, August 16th). So let's get going, there is a LOT of news and photos to check out.

Knott's Berry Farm updates its website.

Not the biggest news, but one big point needs to be made...

First off, here is the address for the Main site...


But for most folks, the most important page has changed, and that is the current specials being offered page. It used to be called "What's Hot", but now is referred to as "Deals and Discounts".


This is the page to go to before you head to Knott's to find out the best offers to get into the park.

Disney raises ticket prices last Sunday, August 2nd

In case you missed it, I have been covering the story at the MiceChat main News page starting last Friday. (And it was not a single person story, I need to thank Sarah Tully at the Orange County Register and Mary Waring at Mousesavers.com for making it a group effort to get Disney on the record in regards to all the price increases).

Here is the full list.... (All prices are Adults first, then kids 3-9, note that some offers do not offer a special kids prices)

Main Entrance Ticket Booth Pricing

One Day One Park Ticket - $72/$62 ($3 increase)

One Day ParkHopper - $97/$87 ($3 increase)

Two Day ParkHopper - $151/$131 ($8 increase)

Three Day ParkHopper - $204/$174 ($5 increase)

Four Day ParkHopper - $229/$199 ($5 increase)

Five Day ParkHopper - $249/$219 ($5 increase)

Six Day ParkHopper - $254/$224 ($5 increase)

Southern California CityPass - $259/$219 No Change
(Includes one day at Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo (or Wild Animal Park) and a 3 day Disneyland Resort ParkHopper).

Annual Passports (Note, the SoCal Annual Passes requires living in SoCal to purchase the pass).

Southern California Select Annual Pass - $144 ($10 increase)

Southern California Annual Pass - $194 ($20 increase)

Deluxe Annual Pass - $289 ($20 increase)

Premium Annual Pass - $429 ($40 increase)

Parking Add-on - $59 (no change)

Blockout Pass - $45 ($5 increase)

Special Offers -

None of the special deals, such as the "2 Days free", Advance Purchase offers on line ("Bonus Tickets") and the special SoCal Summer Fun Pass have gone up in price.

Also, the old pricing for 2 day and longer ParkHoppers are currently available at Disneyland.com, and many other locations

There are serious rumors of the Disneyland online multi-day prices going up on August 24th.

As for WDW, an adult single day/single park ticket is now $84.14 with tax.

Since Disney offers so many different options in Florida, I am going to just refer you to Mousesavers.com's pricing charts...



CHOC Walk registration is now open

The popular CHOC Walk (CHOC = Children's Hospital of Orange County) will be held at the Disneyland Resort on Sunday, October 18th. This year, the minimum donation will be $50 to participate and space is limited.

So if you want to sign up, head to the main CHOC Walk website.


Last year, 15,000 participants raised over $1.6 million for the Hospital, hopefully we can see a new record in 2009.

And FYI, this does have a minor effect on the parks operating schedule, as Disneyland will not open to the public until 10 AM on October 18th, and DCA opens at 10:30 AM. (Based on last years schedule).

ART gets a new operator

The Anaheim Resort Transit system has switched operators of the day to day operation from Coach America to MV Public Transportation, Inc. MV Public Transportation is a company that operates bus/transit systems across the USA, and won the 5 year contract from the Anaheim Transportation Network, a quasi-government agency that is basically run by the City of Anaheim.


Knott's Halloween Haunt is not the only "Scare Park" in town

We took a look at the first signs of Haunt at Knott's last week, but I should mention the other two SoCal parks that offer special Halloween themed mazes and events. Six Flags Magic Mountain has some great mazes, and the best part, it is the only park that offers the event as part of its regular pricing.

Brady MacDonald over at the Los Angeles Times has news about Universal's Studios Hollywood's offerings for 2009.


WOW, less than 2 months until the scaring begins....

SeaWorld San Diego to get a new Dolphin Show in 2010


Interesting to note, this show stadium was actually the second location for the Killer Whale Show. Shamu moved from a VERY small stadium that was located on the west edge (near the Skyride) to the current Dolphin Stadium until they built the current facility (which has been expanded a couple of times after being built). The remodeled facility will feature an extra 700 seats.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to expand its premier Dark Ride

http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal...each-boa-5058/County Fair News, one closes this weekend, one opens, and one is coming next month.

This is the last weekend for the Orange County Fair, so make sure and check out the "Super Fair" if you are in the area....


And this weekend is the opening weekend for the Ventura County Fair.


And for those in Los Angeles County, we haven't forgotten about you, your fair opens Labor Day weekend.


And folks, don't forget that Disneyland hosts its Half-Marathon on Labor Day weekend, so it might be a very smart thing to check out the LA Fair instead of the park that weekend.

More news from the Los Angeles Times...


And as noted by the article, Al Lutz broke the news here at MiceAge back in May of the new "Tiana's Showboat Jubilee" entertainment event.

And one story that got my attention.... Motel 6 is getting a new look!


Check out the link for the photos of the new look.... Since I am showing my age in remembering the first Shamu Stadium that was open in the 1960's, I remember going to Motel 6 as a kid, back when Motel 6 was truly Motel 6, as $6 was the price of a room for one night. (Of course, you needed quarters to watch the TV or to use the Magic Fingers device that shook the bed).

And news from the Orange County Register

Some interesting stories from the OCR...

My favorite of the week, the Anaheim Convention Center buying its own herd of cows...


And heck, they will save about 10% of its beef prices buying doing it, let alone making sure they have their specialty beef in stock.


And in its about time news..... The Disneyland Hotel Workers Union finally are allowing its members to vote on a new contract. Alas, the timing is designed to have its members reject the deal. If the vote was held last month, Disney was offering a $1,000 bonus per CM for getting the deal done. But at least it is a step in the right direction.

And from the Sports Page...


Yes folks, be prepared for large crowds at the ESPN Zone on the weekends, as Football starts THIS Sunday (Hall of Fame Pre-Season game on NBC Sunday night). The ESPN Zone has been upgrading its facilities the last few months, and so far has done a great job.

And we have a winner on the KLOS Sleep overnight at the Haunted Mansion contest....


If you want to experience the event for yourself.... KLOS will offer a live web feed on Sunday night from around Midnight to 6 AM PDT at...


And once again, Disney has to "adjust" its opening date, as the ORIGINAL opening date of the Haunted Mansion was August 12th, 1969, as pointed out in this MiceChat thread....


Los Angeles Herald ExaminerLos Angeles TimesThe Long Beach IndependentPasadena Star NewsDisneyland Inside, vol. 4, no. 9 (September 1969). DI is a CM newsletter.
Just like the official Opening Day being changed from July 18th to the 17th...


Sorry Disney, some of us do remember the past!!!! (Heck, I can still remember seeing Shamu swimming around in a large Swimming Pool to the theme of the Lone Ranger)

OK, where are the FREE Tacos....

I hope everyone enjoyed their Free Tacos last Tuesday.... Here is my friend Jack to talk about the NEW offer...

Here is the link to the coupon....



Selected Photos from Darkbeer.Smugmug.com

Looks like they are still working on Murphy the Dragon, since we have a welding system next to it on Thursday Morning.










The "asian" Laterns have been added to the new location of the Lucky Fortune Cookery (aka the former Cocina Cucmonga).

The Disneyland Resort Sign at the former Pedestrian Entrance on Katella has been removed

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?





Well, that should do it for this week, as always have a GREAT weekend and thanks for checking out MiceAge on a regular basis!

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