Greetings and welcome to the February 22nd edition of Dateline Disneyland! It's a big week at the parks as Disneyland prepares to open "Captain EO Tribute" tomorrow morning. Team Disney is expecting a big turn out for the return of Michael Jackson's 17-minute 1980s intergalactic musical. Meanwhile, the big Rivers of America refurbishment continues in Frontierland, and Disney's California Adventure remains a mess of construction walls for the foreseeable future as the park continues its $1 billion remodel and expansion through 2012.

Our photos this week once again come from the amazing Mac Daddy and Matt "2DieFR" Gottula.

For more information on any of the construction projects featured in today's update, just look for a Project Tracker water mark and click that photo for more information on the project and to join the on-going discussion.

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  • <a href="#DD1">Welcome to Disneyland!</a>
    Old Stroller Shop comes out from construction walls, Off-season? What off-season?
  • <a href="#DD2">(Re)Launching Captain EO</a>
    Work continues inside Magic Eye Theatre as Disney announces official opening date
  • <a href="#DD3">Rivers of Refurbishment</a>
    Work continues on the major Rivers of America refurbishment
  • <a href="#DD4">California Construction</a>
    The latest photos of the on-going $1 billion remodel and expansion.
    • <a href="#DD4-1">World of Color and Paradise Park Viewing Area</a>
    • <a href="#DD4-2">The Little Mermaid & Cars Land</a>
    • <a href="#DD4-3">Silly Symphony Swings & Golden Zephyr refurbishment</a>

  • <a href="#DD5">This and That</a>
    Alice in Wonderland merchandise hits store shelves, Downtown Disney refurbishments
  • <a href="#DDAROUND">Around the Parks</a>
    Photos from around the parks.
  • <a href="#DDNEWS">Weekly News and Information</a>
    Weekly theme park hours, closures and refurbishments, MiceChat Gumball Rally!, Princess and the Frog Sweepstakes, Fire breaks out at Disneyland Hotel


The old Disneyland Stroller Shop is out from behind construction walls.

It's been completely walled off now and only offers a couple benches and awkward lighting for guests.

Despite being February, crowds haven't taken a break from the parks, and with Captain EO preparing to reopen tomorrow and local interest high, crowds likely won't die down anytime soon.

Off-season? What off-season?

Work continued throughout the week in Tomorrowland's Magic Eye Theater as Walt Disney Imagineering worked overtime to get Captain EO ready for his February reopening. Cast Member testing took place throughout last week and Cast Members stationed outside the queue let Guests know the show was not yet open to the public.

On Friday, MiceAge's Al Lutz reported in his Editor's Note that Captain EO was set to open on Tuesday. Shortly after the news broke on MiceAge, Disney's PR team officially announced the same news on the DisneyParks Blog.

The OC Register's Around Disney blog later reported that Disney will set up a special queue outside Disneyland's main gate for Guests coming to see the first showing of Captain EO on Tuesday morning.
Capt. EO returns Tuesday to Disneyland
Michael Jackson’s “Captain EO” returns to Disneyland Tuesday, Disney announced this afternoon.

The first showing of the 3D film starring the late King of Pop is set for 10 a.m. It will be shown every 20 minutes in what used to be known as The Magic Eye Theater in Tomorrowland.

“It will really be interesting to see how people react,” said Michele Himmelberg, a Disney spokeswoman. “This is really our tribute to bring it back and let our fans enjoy it.”

The park opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Outside the park gates, there will be a special line where movie-goers can line up.

“We do expect that there will be a good number of people that want to come out,” Himmelberg said.

Old Imagination Institute signage from "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" still lingers around the theatre.

As Captain EO Tribute gets ready to take guests back to 1986, work continues on the Rivers of America refurbishment in Frontierland.

Construction continues throughout California Adventure as the park undergoes a multi-year $1 billion remodel and expansion.



The OC Register's Around Disney Blog posted a video previewing the upcoming Little Mermaid attraction
Previewing The Little Mermaid attraction
at California Adventure

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Over in the former Timon Parking Lot, more track has been laid for the upcoming Radiator Springs Racers ride in Cars Land.


Work continues on the new boardwalk queue beneath Silly Symphony Swings

Meanwhile, scaffolding has gone up around the Golden Zephyr while its closed for a refurbishment and paint job.

<a name="DD5">THIS AND THAT
The waterway beneath the Frontierland bridge has been refilled.

The new cement embankment is nice and clean, but doesn't look like anything like a realistic muddy shore that you'd find in the American frontier.

It almost looks like part of a miniature golf course now.

Pooh Corner in Critter Country has completed its refurbishment.

Over in California Adventure, the Bug's Land mural needs some TLC

A makeshift kids activity area has been set up under the old Burger Invasion dining location in Paradise Pier.

Here, kids can build a toy roller coaster instead of riding the cheap and tacky Mullholland Madness coaster just steps away.

Who wants the whiplash from Mullholland Madness anyway?

A new line of merchandise for the new Alice in Wonderland film has hit shelves around the Resort.

Some Downtown Disney facades are getting refurbished.

And work continues at the Disneyland Hotel

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And we'll wrap up the photo section of today's update with some shots from around the park...

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For a complete listing of theme park hours, please visit the Theme Park Calendar
Disneyland Park
Monday - Tuesday: 10 am - 8 pm
Wednesday: 10 am - 7 pm
Thursday: 10 am - 8 pm
Friday - Sunday: 8 am - 12 midnight

Disney's California Adventure Park
Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm
Friday: 10 am - 9 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm

Disneyland Park
  • Captain EO Tribute Opens Tuesday, February 23, 2010.
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds: Closed through March 11 for refurbishment. Closed again April 12 - 16, April 19 - 23
  • Tomorrowland Terrace: Restaurant closed through July 2 for refurbishment. Stage will remain open for shows and performances during restaurant closure.
  • Little Red Wagon: Popular Main Street corn dog cart will be closed through May 4 for refurbishment.
  • Disneyland Monorail: Closed April 19 and 20.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Closed April 26 through May 16.
  • Rivers of America: Closed through May 6 for a major refurbishment. The closure of the river will result in the necessary closure of the following attractions:
    • Sailing Ship Columbia: Closed through May 6
    • Mark Twain Riverboat: Closed through May 6
    • Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes: Closed through May 6
    • Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island: Closed through May 14

  • King Arthur Carrousel: Closed May 8-10.

Disney's California Adventure Park
  • S.S. rustworthy: Closed February 23-24.
  • It's Tough to be a Bug! Closed for one day, March 8.
  • Golden Zephyr: Closed through April 2 for refurbishment.
  • Princess Dot's Puddle Park: Closed April 12-16, April 19-23 for refurbishment.
  • Redwood Creek Challenge Trail: Closed April 12 - May 20 for refurbishment.
  • Award Wieners: Closed through April 18.
  • Wine Country Trattoria: Closed through April 26.
  • Silly Symphony Swings: Orange Stinger is now closed for retheming. Reopens as the Silly Symphony Swings late April.
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure: Under construction.
  • Souvenir 66 and Corn Dog Castle: Store and dining location closed for remodeling through May 2011.
  • Disney's World of Color Nighttime Spectacular: New show under construction. Debuts Spring 2010.
  • Paradise Park: Former Golden State Amphitheater area is closed and a new, larger viewing area for Disney's World of Color viewing under construction in same location. The new viewing area is scheduled to open February 2010 as Paradise Park.


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MiceChat 2010 Gumball Rally!

Embark on a journey through the happiest theme park on earth to find out which team can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day with MiceChat's 2010 Gumball Rally!
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A brief fire broke out in the Disneyland Hotel's Dream Tower's construction area on Tuesday, but was quickly extinguished by a team of Disneyland and Anaheim firefighters.
Fire put out at Disneyland hotel
Firefighters quickly doused a fire that broke out this afternoon at a construction site at the Dream Tower of the Disneyland Hotel, authorities said.

The fire was reported at 1:31 p.m. at 1717 S. Disneyland Dr., which is near the hotel, after heavy smoke was seen billowing from the third floor of the tower, said Anaheim fire spokeswoman Maria Sabol.

The fire was out in about five minutes with the help of about 21 firefighters from Anaheim and Disneyland, Sabol said.

The fire broke out when a blue plastic sheet ignited after welders – using torches – were working on an outside elevator of the 12-story building, Sabol said. The tower – one of three at the hotel — is being remodeled and was vacant.
For the full article, visit: OC Register: Fire put out at Disneyland hotel

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