Mine are:

Dark Knight (Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, & Christian Bale put on Marvelous performances!!!)

Sweeney Todd (Movie)

Sweeney Todd (Televised Broadway Musical with Angela Lansbury)

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

An American Haunting (I don't like the modern days scenes in the movie, just the parts of the movie that tell the story of the Bell Family in Tennessee)

The Great Mouse Detective (Vincent Price is AWSOME)

The Simpsons Movie

Batman (Jack's Joker is still great )

Batman Returns (Love Michelle Phifer (Sp.?) as Cat Woman and Danny DeVito as Penguin!)

Spider-Man 2

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Davy Jones is incredible!)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Meet the Robinsons (It has a great story about how important every individual and their contributions are to society.)

The Rescuers Down Under


Mickey's Christmas Carol

A Muppet's Christmas Carol

And that's all I can think of right now.

What are your favorite movie's?