Okay, I know Christmas can be s tressful time, especially if you are working in the retail industry.

I honestly think it's a bit more stressful for people working in retail than it is for the customers who are shopping. I mean, It's beyond ridiculous, how many grumpy attitudes on a casual we have had to deal with these days!

People just come into the store with bad moods and then some.

I also noticed and increase in people cussing out my co-workers and managers simply for following store policy during the last two weeks. Not to mention how rude some customers have been towards us when we are simply trying to be polite to them.

For example. Last week my manager got cussed out because a guy was trying to return a damaged product with no receipt. The manager did not want to break store rules and di not give him a refund and got cussed out for it.

Funny thing is though that the manager just shrugged it off in the end and continued on with the day.

About two weeks ago, my AM and my co-worker were working alone and it was so busy, our store had record profits that day.

So they we stranded at the registers all day, from opening to close and could not do anything else. So with only a few minutes left before closing, a regular customer of ours, who can be rude at times and not know it, came in.

Now each time someone comes in before closing, we politly remind them how much time is left before the registers get taken down. This woman gave my AM so much rude attitude that it got to the point that when she was waiting in line to be checked out, all the customers got sick and tired of her running her lip, they all let her cut in front of them.

WOMAN!! They worked the whole freakin' day!!! They want to get the heck out of there and rest! Give them a break!!!

Okay, so a few days ago, a woman walked in and my AM turned around to greet her.

The woman then cussed my AM out and left.

We had no clue what that was about.

Next morning my AM was informed that this woman not only called our District Manager, but the regional VP and complained on my AM, saying that she was following her around like she was a shoplifter!!

What a, well, I won't say it.

Basically my AM got cussed out and complained on simply for turning around to say hi.

A few days ago, we were bombarded with refunds. The woman had her receipt. So I politly asked if she was going to do more shopping and do an exchange or do a refund. She said I don't know. It was her turn to check out and so I asked her again.

This time she go rude with me and said "I SAID I DON'T KNOW!"

So I just refunded her money back and of course she went shopping regardless. She could have just gone shopping and I would have refunded her back the difference, but she wanted to make things hard on me.

Then on Monday, our truck day, some guy complained about all the boxes and uboats on the floor. I joked with my AM and said, "what, he couldn't decide to just walk around the boxes? I swear, some people would actually belive the red sea would part just for them!" :lol:.

Anyway, there's my rant. I'm sure more ranting will be done as Christmas gets closer.