Inventory was bad for us this year. Part of the reason is shoplifters.

Honestly, if it was legal, I'd love to just slam shoplifters to the ground. I mean, these are pathetic theives who would probably steal from their own grandmother.

See, when people shoplift, the employees are the first to get blamed.

So with our bad inventory, we definatly stepped it up a few notches. We increased our awareness level.

This week alone, we caught two shoplifters and had them arrested and charged.

But yesterday someone must have outwit us because we found the paper stuffing from inside purses we sale over by the baby supplies. So someone must have lifted the purses.

Yesterday we also had two teens acting and looking suspicious. They only like to lift medicine so they can make drugs though. So when I saw them walking around the store, heading for the medicine, I kept a tight eye on them. Thankfully we were smarter than them by removing the medicine they love to steal from the shelves. So they walked out empty handed.

Monday night we caught a young mother, 19, with her two year old son and older sister in the store. The mother was caught lifting detergent, the expensive kind in our store, and valentines cards. We called the cops in and had her stay the night in jail.

The very next morning, we caught another lifter trying to lift Crackers and curtains.

So then she went over to the clothes. So myself and an associate began to work in the clothes area too and really put the pressure on her. When we told her to empty her big purse bag, we found the shoplifted merchandise and called the cops on her. She started to cry and beg us not to press charges, but none of us wanted to lose our jobs and went by what the manager demanded.

The cops came and arrested her. Now we know both women we caught were not planning on buying things because their purses were cleaned out so they could have enough room to put the stolen merchandise in. They took their wallets, ID, etc. out before even coming into the store.

But man, it felt so good catching them and sending them to jail!!! Hopefully this is starting to prove to the upper management that we are not the one's stealing from the store, it's the customers!!!

Anyone who works retail I'm sure can relate to this issue and how good it feels to bust thieves.

By the way, according to one office, it's considered shoplifting, the very second a person hides the merchandise.