I have to say that yesterday was a very sad day for me on MC. I have grown to love this site and the people in it but yesterday I got a taste of how nasty people can be.

I am going through some hard times emotionally in my life right now and I found a group of people who had the same sense of humor as myself and posting with them made me happy and lifted my spirits. Where our posts dumb and often idiotic, yes, but we were enjoying each other.

Then a group of people, most of whom I do not know, decided that we are the scourge of MC and that we should behave ourselves and how we have ruined their site. Funny I thought this site was about people understanding that we are all different and accepting that so we could post in harmony. How wrong could one woman be?

Maybe now I need to enter their territory and do the same to them. Would they enjoy me coming to the debate lounge and really telling them what I think about their political and spiritual beliefs? Would they like it if I raise a small fit and said that they were ruining the site by trampling on my beliefs?

But alas I am bigger than that. I know how to let people be people and to love them no matter how different they are from me. Maybe one day the members of MC will really reach that point also.