Cutest conversation with the guy I'm seeing..

I was supposed to go to a pool party today. It's a party with people that may or may not have the best intentions for me in regards to our friendship. Some of these people have a rather flirtatious intention when hanging out.

So.. I told him that I could be at that pool party at the moment and he tells me that if I went.. those boys would probably just throw me into the pool. Did I really want that?

Also, that one of the guys there would just find some cheap opportunities to be all touchy feely while I'm in a bikini.

So I said that he wouldn't want that happening.. and he said no.

Then I said that it was good for him that I didn't go. And he said yes.

Cute so far.. well.. for me..

Then I said.. "aww.. you like me.."

He says.. "yes.. isn't it obvious.."

Ok.. it may not be a big deal for anyone else.. but it's a big deal for me..

I'm not really insecure when it comes to relationships.. but sometimes.. simple word exchanges like that totally melt my heart..

Really people.. that's all it takes for me..