The trip was early in the Summer.

The Summer Nightastic promotion was just beginning and I was totally oblivious to all the "murphy issues" and wanted to see the "improved Fantasmic" and the new fireworks show..

Mother and I took an impromtu trip to disneyland one afternoon/early evening..

It was around 6pm when we got there and we headed over to DCA to kill some time before the fireworks show..

We went to A Bug's Land to ride some kiddie rides when we saw this cute little girl twirling around in her Snow White costume.. her mother and grandmother happened to be Filipino and my mother struck up a conversation with the grandmother.

The mother of the little girl then turned to me and asked me if I had ever been on California Screamin(g?).. and I said yes and that I totally loved it!

She gets this idea that we should totally go on it after we all get done with the ride we were in line for.. then suddenly she decides we should let the little girl and the rest of the people ride the kiddie ride.. while we go and ride the rollercoaster..

So we did..

And so began the rest of the night of hanging out with them around the park..

The night ended with a trip to Indy for the last ride of the night..

It was an enjoyable experience to find complete strangers and hang out with them in the park like we had been friends for a long time..

THAT is what I call "Disney magic.."

Has that happened to anyone else?