Anyone familiar with theme park history knows that Walt Disney changed themed entertainment forever when he debuted the Alweg-Disneyland monorail in 1959. Other theme parks around the world followed suit and added their own single-rail transportation to their parks. It would also become a staple of World's Fairs for years to come.

If one rail (like the monorail) is good, isn't two rails twice as good?

After years of research, planning, design, development and crashes, 6 Flags is announcing the Duorail!

I am pleased to announce that all 6 Flags parks across the country will implement a strikingly new, safer and more fun mode of transportation!

Instead of one track, like the ancient and ineffective monorail, the Duorail will provide a luxury approach to getting around your local 6 Flags park. Imagine the comfort and stability that two rails provide! No more wobbly monorail rides or frightening single-beam tracks--the Duorail is the future!

6Flagineers spent countless years working with CAD designers and focus groups to arrive at the design of the Duorail technology.

Looks pretty amazing, doesn't it?