In 2007, I started as a way to share my love of Disney theme park-related books. The majority of my posts and articles have been about books and showcasing the various titles about Walt Disney World. It is obvious from my column here at Mice Chat, that I have an obsession with Disney-related books. They are the basis for most of my research and have inspired most of the projects I have done.

A frequent request I have had over the years is for books about the history of Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, there isn't one book that covers it completely, but there are several titles you can digest that will give you a very good picture. There are a lot of titles available and they come from different sources; check out the ones that look most interesting.

Most of us have written papers in high school or college that required a bibliography, which is usually a lists of sources cited in the paper. You can also have a list of books about a subject that stands alone.

The definition of a bibliography is:

a complete or selective list of works compiled upon some common principle, as authorship, subject, place of publication, or printer.

This bibliography is by no means a complete list of books available on Walt Disney World; I have only added books that I own. Feel free to leave a comment if I have missed something good!

General Interest

The books included in this set focus on more than just Walt Disney World. They look at the people behind the parks and the company. I consider each title an essential part of any Disney enthusiast's library.


The following titles are specific to Walt Disney World and cover more than just an attraction. The Kurtti, Koenig and Beard titles are a must! If you are interested in the history and construction of Walt Disney World, check out these books.

Attraction Specific

These books are dedicated to specific attractions at Walt Disney World. If you have a favorite attraction that is featured in the book, then you need to track a copy or two down.


There would be no Walt Disney World without these artists. The Kurtti/Gordon book offers wonderful concept art.

  • Hench, John. Designing Disney. 2009. Hench shares his thoughts on helping to design every Disney theme park. The text is insightful and the artwork is astounding. Hench was the master designer of EPCOT Center and most of Walt Disney World.There is also a 2003 edition.
  • Kurrti, Jeff; Gordon, Bruce. The Art of Walt Disney World. 2009. Theme Park Exclusive. Jeff and Bruce have collaborated again to create a sister volume to the wonderful Art of Disneyland. This large-scale book presents concept artwork from every phase of Walt Disney World's history. Many of the images are seen here for the first time. Every fan of Walt Disney World should own this title. You can read my full review here.
  • Mumford, Dave; Gordon, Bruce. A Brush with Disney : An Artist's Journey, Told through the words and works of Herbert Dickens Ryman. 2000. A look at Herb Ryman's art--not just work done for Disney, but over his entire career. There are some amazing concept paintings of the Magic Kingdom. You can read my full review here.


Detailed-inspired travel guides, academic treatises and amazing photographic titles. Usually more of a time-capsule than a history title. There are some fantastic books in this section. Some of them are geared more towards the serious student of Walt Disney World history and some offer images that will please anyone.


Although Disney has divested themselves of Celebration for most intents, it is still an important part of the Walt Disney World story. These titles look more at the after effect of Disney's town and less on Walt's vision.

This is by no means a complete list. There are a few titles I have left out simply because I do not own them.

Are there any that I should include on the list?

Do you have a favorite book about Walt Disney World?

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