My wife found two of these Disneyland Commemorative Playsets online. After getting over the initial surprise, I started to investigate the box for clues. The following is all that was printed on the box:

Disneyland Commemorative Playset
Disney Magic
The Walt Disney Company
Only at Sears
For ages over 4
Item No. 60309

It is obvious from the box colors and design that it was released in the mid-1980s. I had a strange thought of the Saved by the Bell kids visiting Disneyland.

After doing some research and checking with a few friends on twitter, we believe that it was released in 1985 as part of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland. It appears to be a playset dedicated to the first year of Disneyland.

I set up the playset with my eight year-ol son the other day and took photos. Would you care to join us on a photographic tour of 1955 Disneyland?

I was surprised to see instructions with the playset. Once I started putting it together, I was glad to have it. Most of it made sense, but there were some interesting designs.

I laid out the contents of the playset on the vinyl mat. There were five lands represented: Main Street USA, Andventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

We started with the foundations and the buildings on Main St.

My junior Imaginerd helped me set up all of the characters, animals and vehicles.

We start at the Disneyland Train Station. 4:00 in the afternoon? We better hurry, the park might be closing soon.

The Santa Fe Disneyland steams by. And yes, I know it is going the wrond direction, but my son had to set it up just like on the cover of the box.

An overview of Main St. Goofy is waiting to greet us. Notice the Juice Bar?

A shot from the other side with Donald, the Penny Arcade and the Crystal Palace. Don't pay any attention to the backside of the buildings!

A close-up of the Disneyland Omnibus.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

Before we head over to Adventureland, let's stop and get some tickets at the Ticket Booth.

Our first stop has got to be the Mile Fink Keel Boats. Obviously, the paint didn't hold up very well.

A few of the animals on the Jungle Cruise. Pay no attention to the keel boat.

Frontierland is next! We can visit the Indian Village.

The stagecoach has seen better days. They were removed because the coaches get tipping over, not the horses. The building on the right is the Sheriff's Office.

Let's head across Main St. to get to Fantasyland. On the way, let's enjoy some ice cream with Pluto.

Mickey is waiting near the Dumbo Ticket Booth. I wonder how many tickets it is going to cost.

Our friendly, flying pachyderm takes to the sky.

An aerial shot of the Fantasyland area. Heed no mind to the interesting geographical layout of the park.

After Dumbo, let's go to Tomorrowland. The Spacemen is waiting for us near the Space Bar. We can sit at the table and watch the crowds pass by.

Another shot of the Spaceman.

As we head towards the exit, we take a final stroll down Main St. and check out some of the vehicles.

The rare Ludwig Von Drake walk around.

A closeup of the Penny arcade and the Crystal Palace. Fantastic color schemes!

Shoes, drugs and candy on Main St. Still enjoying the colors on the buildings.

We take one last stop to say goodbye to Mickey and get our photograph taken by the floral Mickey Mouse at the entrance.

Favorite Disneyland books:

Do you know anything specific about this playset?

Any other cool Disneyland collectibles that you have?

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