OK, I know why you are here, and that is to see the beautiful new Mark VII Monorail Red that was placed on the Monorail Tracks today.

The Nose Cone of the Monorail being placed on the Monorail Track Thursday Morning

First, welcome to a special Friday edition of my article. This is for two reasons, the main one is the Monorail Photos, the second is the fact that Monday is Christmas Eve, and I would like to spend the time with my family and friends. My next scheduled article will be Monday, January 7th, but I will write something if there is breaking news beofre then.

So lets get started, of course some Monorail photos will be in the article, like now.....

SunCal - We Want to Sue anyone we can!

Last Tuesday, the Anaheim City Council voted 5-0 to Deny SunCal's request for a rehearing of the zoning change. During Public Comments, an Attourney representing SunCal came up and basically threatened to sue the city, and anyone else that was involved in blocking the zoning change (think SOAR and Disney, plus others).

So the current schedule continues, the Initative that deals with the entire Resort Area and rezoning for non-commercial/tourism uses will still be on the June 3rd, 2008 ballot, and some land owners are trying to get a zoning change prior to the Initative vote passing, which would require additional steps for zoning changes.

Anaheim GardenWalk Restaurant Delays

Sarah Tully over at the Orange County Register reported on Thursday the following. http://ocresort.freedomblogging.com/...-coming-later/

Here are the latest opening times for the next four restaurants:

California Pizza Kitchen: Jan. 28

M&S Grill (part of company): Feb. 4

: Feb. 10.

: Feb. 28
And in regards to the AGW, Lisa and I had two great meals, the first one was Bubba Gump's, and the second was this last Sunday at The Cheesecake Factory. They handled a group of 15 MiceChatter with ease, and the food was great. Large portions and great service. They assigned 2 different servers for our group, which helped out.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy the photos!!!


Al Lutz's "small world" story makes the news again

Fortune Magazine came up with the "101 Dumbest Moments in Business", and the "it's a small world" Large Boned issue made the list at number 13.


Knott's Merry Farm 10th Annual Toy Drive sets a new Record for 2007

The last three weekends had Knott's working with the Toys for Tots Campaign, and received over 83,000 toys this year, breaking all records for the event. Since 1998, Knott's has collected over 475,000 toys for needy children. Thank You to all that donated.

One of the Monorail Red Middle Sections being trucked to the Park

A look at the back of the Nose Cone

The Monorail Tractor pushing the Nose Cone into the Roundhouse

The new Fixin' Bar for the River Belle Terrace Lunch/Dinner Menu

Looks like a Water Fountain will be placed in front of Toy Story Mania!

The Grand Californian expansion has started to go up

That is it, hope everyone has the best of Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.