A special Friday update, but a chance to really look at the new Mark VII Monorail Red, which is still in test mode, and NOT available to guests.

Here is the a look at the drivers seat...

Of course, a lot more photos of the new Mark VII Red can be found at this link...


And a few non-Monorail photos from Thursday afternoon.

WorldMark, a Time Share Hotel is progressing nicely on Katella

A union protest tried to happen at the Anaheim GardenWalk, alas they failed to file the proper paperwork and were told to leave. Maybe they should have contacted the "Save VMK" folks for the right way to hold a protest...

The new rockwork at the Subs "exit" is almost done.

The Grand Californian/DVC expansion is progressing nicely

And the new "solid" railings for the DCA fountain has been installed.

One quick news update....


A photo and much more at the link.

That should do it for the Photo update, have a great weekend, and see you here back on Monday morning!