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New Disneyland Resort Press Release firms up some opening dates

Thursday, Disneyland Resort released some information on opening dates.

Abundance of Fall Fun at Disneyland Resort as New Experiences Enhance Traditional Halloween and Holiday Seasons

Pixie Hollow, 'High School Musical 3' Street Show, 'Blue Sky Cellar' at Disney's California Adventure And 'Reawakened' Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Bring Additional Excitement For Fall 2008

ANAHEIM, Calif., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The giant Mickey Mouse Jack-o'-Lantern and the Town Square Christmas Tree will be the symbols of celebration for their respective holidays at Disneyland this fall. But the traditional fan favorites are only the beginning as Disneyland Resort welcomes new shows and immersive experiences, along with an exciting preview of things to come at Disney's California Adventure park.

It's all part of the fun as Disney Parks poses the question to guests: "What Will You Celebrate?" Whether it's the holidays, an anniversary, a family reunion or another special occasion, there's something for everyone at Disneyland Resort.

The fall season kicks off with a very special event: a once-in-a-lifetime private party in Disneyland for teen sensation Miley Cyrus. "Miley's Sweet 16 -- Share The Celebration" will take place Sunday evening, Oct. 5, inside Disneyland. Miley will celebrate with family, friends and fans, perform several songs, and recognize the outstanding contributions of Youth Service America, an organization that seeks to improve communities by increasing the number and diversity of young people serving as volunteers.

Beginning later in October, guests can enjoy an array of new attractions at Disneyland Resort, adding to the fun of the Halloween and Holiday seasons.

-- HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: On Friday, Oct. 24, "High School Musical 3: Right Here! Right Now!" premieres at Disney's California Adventure. The new street show celebrates the infectious energy of the upcoming theatrical motion picture "High School Musical 3: Senior Year." Featuring a cast of 14 dynamic singers and dancers, the show takes place on a traveling "rock concert" stage. Interactive sequences featuring hot new songs from the movie will draw guests into the streets of Disney's California Adventure for an exciting live concert experience.

-- PIXIE HOLLOW: The magical realm of Pixie Hollow appears in Disneyland on Tuesday, October 28. Entering along a pathway with an enchanted pool, between the entrances of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, guests are gradually immersed into the community of fairies. Guests will get the strange feeling that they are shrinking to fairy size as they encounter statues of Tinker Bell and her friends, and spot other evidence of the pixies' presence. When guests arrive at Tinker Bell's home, they will meet some of the pixies in person.

-- BLUE SKY CELLAR: For those who want to stay in-the-know about the expansion of Disney's California Adventure park, a preview center opens Monday, Oct. 20 at the Golden Vine Winery in Disney's California Adventure. The Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar -- named for the Imagineers' 'blue sky' creative process -- displays never-before-seen models and art outlining the concepts and design for the park's coming attractions, along with a video presentation. The showcase will be updated regularly so that fans can stay abreast of developments.

-- SLEEPING BEAUTY CASTLE WALKTHROUGH: Sleeping Beauty Castle, a beloved Disneyland landmark since the park's debut in 1955, will open a "reawakened" version of its classic Castle walkthrough in time for the December holiday season. The new scenes inside the corridors tell the Sleeping Beauty story with modern special effects technology that recreates the look of the original Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough of the 1950s through the 1970s.

The new attractions and shows offer added value for Disney fans this fall as they enjoy all the traditional holiday attractions at Disneyland Resort.

Halloween highlights at Disneyland include the 16-foot-tall Mickey Mouse Jack-o'-Lantern on Main Street, U.S.A.; Woody's Halloween Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch; and Haunted Mansion Holiday, inspired by Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas," which continues into the Christmas season.

At Disney's California Adventure, Halloween is celebrated at Candy Corn Acres, featuring Goofy's whimsical candy corn "crops." Families also will enjoy a fun and safe trick-or-treating experience at the separate-admission nighttime Mickey's Trick-or-Treat party, with treat locations throughout the park.

The Christmas holiday season gets underway on Friday, Nov. 21, when the traditional "A Christmas Fantasy" daily parade and "Believe ... in Holiday Magic" fireworks make their seasonal debuts. The towering Christmas tree appears on Main Street, U.S.A., and the decor and nighttime show surrounding "Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle" will be will be more spectacular than ever. The lights and effects that appear after dark extend down Main Street, U.S.A., and to the Christmas tree at Town Square for a sparkling transformation that sets the scene for "Believe ... In Holiday Magic" fireworks with their magical snowfall finale.

Additional holiday highlights include the return, Nov. 21, of the "it's a small world holiday" attraction, celebrating holiday traditions around the world. Guests will visit Santa Claus throughout the season at Santa's Reindeer Round-up in Big Thunder Ranch, and those looking for a unique experience will reserve time with a guide for Disney's Holiday tours.

Disneyland Resort features two spectacular theme parks -- Disneyland (the original Disney theme park) and Disney's California Adventure park -- plus three guest-welcoming hotels and the Downtown Disney District comprised of unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. For further information on attractions, events and vacations at Disneyland Resort, visit Disneyland Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . ., call (866) 60-DISNEY or contact local travel agents.
So some changes, some confirmations and some delays...

Let's look at some of the highlights.

High School Musical 3 street event was known coming to DCA, now we know the official start is October 24th.

Pixie Hollow is opening October 28th, which seems like Disney has a lot to get done in the next few weeks, but should be a fun meet and greet.

The former Ariel's Throne is being turned into a Teapot (aka kettle) as the new home for the Tinker Bell Meet and Greet. FYI, the term "Tinker" means a mender of pots, kettles and pans.

The DCA Preview center, Blue Sky Cellar matches up with the October 20th date that has been mentioned lately.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough is running behind schedule, and now is looking at a "Mid" December opening. The Walkthough will use the original walkthough paths and staircases, but an alternative viewing room is being built in the old Crystal shop that was in the base of the castle. The alternative viewing will basically be a film version of the walkthrough to allow those who can't handle the stairs a chance to enjoy the experience.

The tarps have been removed from "it's a small world", but still some work on the clock area needs to be finished.

Also in the press release, Disneyland is now stating an official opening of "it's a small world holiday" on Friday, November 21st, to match up with start of all the other Christmas season activities. The website has the last day of the Christmas season being Sunday, January 4th, 2009.

The ending of "it's a small world holiday" has been installed

The water has been removed from the flume.

Disneyland Resort enforcing stricter rules in regards to bringing in "professional" cameras.

Due to some issues with Paparazzi on September 25th, when Lindsay Lohen and her girlfriend showed up at Disneyland, Disney Security and Bag Checkers are trying to prevent a similar event from happening in the future.

The current policy is that you cannot bring in "long lenses", which seems to be lenses longer than 6 inches in length into the parks. Of course, it is a new policy, and can be adjusted at any time, but I was stopped and asked multiple times at bag check this week if I had any "long lenses" for my camera. So plan accordingly.

Single Rider returns to Indiana Jones Adventure

Ever since Disney changed the policy at Indiana Jones to require everyone to watch the "safety" film prior to riding, Disney had to discontinue the use of Single Rider passes due to abuse of the passes. (Guests found a way to get in line, then become a group, defeating the purpose of the Single Rider program.)

The Safety Film procedures has now been changed, and Single Riders can be accommodated due to the change.

To use a Single Rider, got to the main entrance and ask the person at the podium for a Single Rider pass.

Once you get the pass, use the exit to enter the attraction and head to the special gate that is designed for Wheelchairs and others who need special accommodations.

In the past, they took the "main" queue and split it up at the safety film area, with some of the group watching the film, while other enter/leave the area. The new procedure has the main queue only using the left (and larger) part of the queue in the safety film area, while the right side is used for Wheelchairs and Single Riders.

Once the Single Rider group watches the Safety film, the group waits in the lower area until the main queue guests have passed the ramp and started up the stairs. When the ramp is clear, then the Single Riders, and wheelchairs can use the ramp to get to the elevator area. This is also very helpful to those in wheelchairs and needing a longer time to get up the ramp, as it is not crowded.

Once you get to the elevators, you are sent up one elevator, and then down the other one (to get over the main track of the attraction) and then placed in the Single Rider queue.

As always, Single Rider is not always available, and is subject to some limitations.

And FYI, if you have a group, you may use Single Rider, but you need to understand, once you get to the front of the line, you MUST split up and fill in any available seat that the Cast Member needs filled.

So so long as you are willing to ride as an individual and have no special request (such as the third row), then you can request a Single Rider pass.

Disney Marketing mailing out Free One Day ParkHoppers and other offers to selected recipients

Updated Monday, Oct. 6th at 3:30 PM

If you live in the Southern California area, keep your eyes out for a Disney mailer with Goofy on the front.

If the Marketing gurus think your address and demographics are worth trying to get your attention, you will receive one of the mailers, which offers a Free One Day ParkHopper or another offer.

The Free ParkHopper offer expires December 18th, 2008, and that only the person who is named on the voucher or lives at the address listed can use it. Just take the voucher, and a valid ID to any Main Ticket Booth window for your free ParkHopper.

A new version, also with Goofy on the front is being mailed to former Annual Passholders who failed to renew. In the version I saw today, Disney is offering a free Blockout pass if you get a new AP using the name and address and photo on file. You can get any of the four AP's, and if you decide to get a Premium, you will receive a $40 Gift Card as a substitute for the Blockout Pass (that you won't need). All AP's are at full main gate price (no renewal discount). So you might keep a lookout for this offer if you qualify. The AP offer must be redemned on or prior to November 26th, 2008.

Going to Disneyland Tuesday, October 7th - Keep your eyes out

If you are attending the park Tuesday afternoon, keep your eyes out for the Dream Patrol in white Vest, as it looks like they will be handing out a few thousand passes to an "After Hour" party that night.

The way the "prize" works, you walk past a pre-selected location at a certain time, you will be handed a lanyard that allows you access to the event.

When the park closes at 8 PM, instead of exiting, you will be asked to head to the Big Thunder Ranch area, where they will check your lanyard and let you inside the area. After about a half-hour, while Disney clears out the rest of the park, you are entertained with a DJ and some music. Once the park is clear, you are allowed out of the area, and have one hour to ride most any attraction in the park. Depending on how fast you can walk, and what you choose, you should get about 3 attractions in, maybe a few more with smart planning. Most all shops and restaurants will be closed, only attractions will be available. When the hour is over, you may remain in line at the attraction you are at, but then will be asked to leave the park after you finish that attraction.

Universal Halloween Horror Night Interview

Brady MacDonald over at the Los Angeles Times recently interviewed John Murdy, the person in charge of the yearly after-hours event.

Universal Studios Hollywood adds more gore for Halloween Horror Nights 2008 - Travel -

Miley Cyrus Sweet 16 coverage

Both the Around Disney Blog over at the Orange County Register and Brady MacDonald of the Los Angeles Times attended the event, and are have some interesting insight of the event.

Around Disney -

Miley Cyrus parties non-stop at Disneyland Sweet 16 birthday celebration - Travel -

Of course, the photos here at MiceAge shows the impact the event had on the regular daily guests on Sunday.

Updates from Prior articles

A few weeks ago, we featured Philippe's, the home of the original French Dipped Sandwich, located near Union Station in Los Angeles.

Well, today, Monday, October 6th is the official celebration of its 100th Anniversary.

The restaurant will close at 2 PM, but reopen at 4 PM.

Starting at 4 PM, they are going back to the original prices, which is 5 cents for a cup of coffee, and 10 cents for a sandwich (of course, limit of one per person).

So if you don't mind big crowds and long lines, enjoy the great meal for just 15 cents!


(Click on the logo in the lower right of the screen for the special event info)

Another restaurant we featured recently is Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company. The Garden Grove location at the corner of Harbor and Chapman is now open for business.

Welcome to Oggi's

And the final update is from last week's article. Christopher from Dianne's was surprisingly shocked at how many folks stopped by to wish him well at the new location in Healdsburg. He would like to thank all of those who stopped by to wish him the best of luck.

Selected Photos from

The former New Century Jewelry & Time Pieces has reopened as the Fortuosity Shop

Personalized Watches are still offered at the shop

The Refurb walls have been removed near the Casey Jr' exit, and a new ODV cart has been added

The majority of the re-pavement work in Tomorrowland has finished

But some work remains

Toontown is getting some new paint

And South Seas Traders has its refurb walls removed in Adventureland

Work is progressing nicely on the Grand Californian Hotel expansion.

Really nice to see all three Seagulls back out at one time

The Parade of Dreams had a early starting time, and only 2 stops due to the setup for the Sweet 16 event.

The Noon Meet at the Hub Group shot from Sunday

Guess what is Miley Cyrus favorite color?

The first of the about 5,000 folks who paid $250 each to attend the special event Que up hours before the event is scheduled to start

All attendees went through a very through security check, including metal detectors. Also, they were searching for "Sharpees" and other items that could be used to get autographs, which was not allowed at the event.

All attendees were required to enter through the Timon Lot (the remaining "original" Disneyland Parking Lot), but due to the way the security check was, everyone had to walk the tram route to the entrance.

Disney set up many different ticket pick-up points, based on the last name of the purchaser, in the Timon Lot.

The City of Anaheim changed its street banners located in the Resort area.

For the fourth quarter of 2008, it is fall themed for 2 of the three different banners

But the third banner is a bit early!

That should do it, a lot of photos, but it was a slightly different day at the park on Sunday. Have a great week!