Welcome my friends to our theme park delight. Come witness a ghoulishly glorious sight. For the column that we are about to unfold contains pictures and news from the parks that you love.

This week, Disneyland's Mark Twain steam boat received a new soundtrack and gorgeous new wooden floor planks. Mickey's house and Roger Rabbit in ToonTown are being refurbished. Disney California Adventure plugs along the road to redemption. And we give you a full review of the mazes at both Knott's Scary Farm and Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Main Street Clothiers reopened with a bright new look this week. We'll also take a look at it's a small world, Roger Rabbit and a surprisingly refreshing update to the Mark Twain.

Mickey doesn't want you to crash the party.

Seriously! Don't crash the party!
Disney Clothiers
Disney Clothiers reopened bringing with it a new, brighter look and feel. The entire store's look was revamped and things rearranged to offer a more open space. Decor along the walls has also been reworked to feature clothing instead of props.

Open doors once again

A brighter look

Clothes adorn the walls

it's a small world
We take a quick break from the maintenance and Halloween festivities to ride through this classic Disney attraction.

Alice in Wonderland


Tip-toe through the tulips.

The Far East.

Welcome to the Jungle!

For Sunnygirl

Still a great ending.

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin:
Roger Rabbit is still behind the cartoon fence. Even the Benny the Cab figure has been removed from the facade above the front of the attraction.

Come to Toon Town.

This taxi has left the building.

The fountain still works behind the fence though.

Village Haus:
Refurbishment is also still underway at Village Haus.

A current exterior shot.

Mark Twain Steam Boat:
The Mark Twain Steam boat returned to the Rivers of America this week. The deck of the Twain underwent minor refurbishment with the replacement and refinishing of the deck planks. The big change to the the ship and its show is the brand new narration and sound track used during the journey around the Rivers of America.

On the deck of the Mark Twain.

As the boat leaves the dock the infectiously fun music from The Princess and the Frog plays. A new voice greets visitors and welcomes them to New Orleans and tells of the history of the area. The narrator talks about the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion and the steep falls of Splash Mountain, and then begins to focus on the story line along the river.

A closer look at the deck reveals this was not a full floor replacement.

There are still a few scuffs.

This hardly matters though as the boat looks GREAT overall.

During our ride along the river we hear the the familiar voice bellowing "Mark Twain!". But it is soon joined by a vocal cameo from Mark Twain himself. The new narration really attempts to create a cohesive story line from the existing pastiche of American vignettes along the river.

The detailed Mike Fink scene

hile the original soundtrack was classic Disney, the new version adds a bit more polish to the show. Some purists may take issue with the inclusion of newer Disney music or the loss of the voices they were familiar with, but this new version really does work nicely. We give the changes a thumbs up.

Hello dear.

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Good ol' Disney California Adventure pushes through another Halloween season without decorations and filled with construction walls. But that's just fine with us. We know that what is coming is going to be worth the temporary ugliness and lack of seasonal dress.

The World's Largest Tile Mural:
Say goodbye to one of the original "attractions" that was dreamed up for the entrance of DCA. The removal of this large, Mall-worthy, tile display has begun to make way for a REAL first act to the park.

Don't be sad

It will go on to be a great counter top somewhere.

Hollywood Pictures Backlot is ready to unveil the new night time dance party tonight. We have watched ElecTRONica develop from scaffolding to night club. Can't wait to check this out with the thousands of guests who are sure to be there this weekend.

The Sun hub counts down.

Welcome to ElecTRONica

The screens are ready to go

Even MORE theme has been added. Nice.

Above the stage at Monsters...

A cool light fixture has been installed.

The Coke Drive-In has now become a lounge

Very sleek

Flynn's has come to life.

Red Car Trolley:
The Red Car Trolley and Hyperion facade refurbishment is coming along nicely. They will be laying brick and asphalt soon.

The progress of Carsland has seen some major leaps forward. Bountiful Valley Farm is but a mere memory as bulldozers move trees, buildings and earth.

The wall near the tortilla factory.

Behind the wall big machines crunch and munch.

Chomp, chomp, chomp

More detail is emerging from the rock work.

Another angle here.

An overview of the area

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure:
Let's take another look at the work on the show building for The Little Mermaid.

Just wait and you'll see. . . someday you'll be. . . a part of this world

World of Color:
The World of Color's platforms continue to receive regular visits from Maintenance.

The view is getting a lot less cluttered during the day.

The maintenance crew slaving away

Dive! Dive!

Paradise Pier Food Court:
Let's take a look at what is going on over at what will soon be a brand new place to grab a bite.

The removal of Burger Invasion's facade will mark a turning point.

P.T. Fleas has been moved from the farm to the Paradise Pier area.

Although Haunt is underway there was a real life scary event late Thursday evening at the Pony Express Coaster when two trains collided in a low speed accident. By chance, we were at Knott's when the incident occurred.

The Pony Express doesn't use a chain lift hill, but rather launches riders after leaving the station. However, last night, one of the trains failed to clear the first banked hill and came rolling back toward the station, hitting another train. Although some guests were taken to the hospital for observation (we were told it was 8 people), there were no serious injuries.

Knott's Scary Farm:
Knott's Scary Farm is haunting its 37th year and the MiceChatters were there in large numbers to take in the 13 mazes and haunted attractions offered at the event.

Don't look now!
Sleepy Hollow Mountain:

Approaching Sleepy Hollow Mountain, you'll notice pumpkin headed specters towering overhead - setting a foreboding tone. Most everyone knows the story of the Headless Horseman. But few have experienced it themselves. Hop aboard this log ride and you may just lose your head.

It is evident that there is a different tone. The lift hill takes us into a show scene where a voice-over explains the terror that the town has been running from for ages, The Headless Horseman. The journey then begins as the ride takes visitors past some pretty impressive set pieces, around creepy corners, and to the big finish jaw dropping pumpkin finale.

I have to say that this theme is a much more defined experience than last year's Pyromaniax overlay. The set pieces are impressive and the repositioning of certain key props really come off nicely. When we experienced the ride during early entry, it was still dusk and there were fewer scare factors, but this did not seem to matter too much. In Fact, the eerie feel of the lighting design and the sets made up for a great deal. This is a great Haunt attraction.

The Steampunk-tastic "Necropolis" Scare Zone

Black Widow's Cavern:

This one is getting a bit long in the tooth

Black Widow's Cavern returns for yet another year of scares. Problem is that there weren't many. The large spiders that have taken over the Calico Mine Train are impressive to look at, no doubt. But why can't we have a few more jolts or spine tingling chills?

The spider cavern theme is certainly one that is rich with creepy crawlies, but it just doesn't deliver like it once did. Passing by eight legged spiders is good, but it never really seems to invade the safety of the box car on the train. Riders can passively breeze through the scenes of killer arachnids and not once feel endangered or somehow involved.

Why not really amp it up by having scare actors trapped in webs reaching out to the passing train for help? Hang more string above the path of the train to give riders the seemingly constant feeling of breezing through spider webs. The way to make this haunted attraction work is to invade the riders' safety bubble and to get in their head.

Virus Z:

Maze designer, Brooke Walters, delivers a terrifying scenario in a small town overrun with zombies. Entering the open face of the maze, loudspeakers blare directions for you to make it to the school gym where safety and medical assistance can be obtained. This sets up a journey through the town of Pleasanton, that is utterly destroyed by chaos and blood thirsty undead.

The maze immediately strikes you with detail. An overturned car in front of a service station, a diner with half eaten sandwiches on the counter, and a living room whose wallpaper has seen better days. All of these create a heightened sense of reality. The soundtrack also uses everyday sounds and found music natural to the setting.

What is really amazing about this maze is the incessant attacks of the some 40 zombie actors in a convincing setting. The cast is sizable and the story arc of reaching the school gym sets up a great pay off worthy of George Romero. This is a must do maze.


Last year the originally brilliant Cornstalkers maze hit the sophomore slump. So much so that many wondered if this once creative maze could recover. Back for its third year we can say, without a doubt that it HAS.

The traffic flow for the maze is the same as last year, entering near the Fiesta Village entrance into Camp Snoopy. We enter a dilapidated farmhouse where crazed farmers usher us into the fields. Cleverly placed interior scenes now block the invasive light from the nearby street and work to keep the atmosphere going.

This Maze features some great moments. Some of our favorites were the now higher, more claustrophobic corn field scenes, the outhouses and the two major animated figures that supply the maze with its impressive OMG moments. Don't miss this maze.

Look out!

Uncle Bobo's Big Top of the Bizarre:

Returning for another year is Uncle Bobo's. Clowns are the featured scare in this maze and they are used in every single way possible to get in the face of visitors.

Although this maze is nearly identical to last year, it is the energetic cast that breathes life into this experience. From the moment one enters the big top the energy is through-the-roof and those awful clowns are engaging and in your face. Around every turn they keep the right mix of comic malevolence and funny danger that makes this experience at once funny and scary.

Dia De Los Muertos:

Dia De Los Muertos was a stunning new maze last year. This celebration of Latin culture and its ties to the netherworld is a beautiful, occasionally startling, experience. Unfortunately, the return of this maze brings with it no new surprises, nor any fresh energy to lift it from the familiar scares of last year.

The Doll Factory:

The Doll factory has been a hugely successful maze for Knott's. It is the story of a mad man who captures victims in order to turn them into dolls. Last year's incarnation seemed to lack some of the eerie vibe that helped sell the scare. But we can assure you that the creepy is back.

Won't you come play?
Knott's really seemed to aim their focus on the casting for this maze. The effort really pays off here. Doll-like creatures continue to lure visitors from the path with a menacing playfulness. Contortionist performers move and slink around as if being manipulated by the pull of a puppeteer's strings. It is a wonderful maze again this year, and one that you need to wait in line for.

The Terror of London:

This movie-like maze returns to enshroud visitors in the foggy streets of London during the reign of terror of the murderous Jack the Ripper. This year's incarnation is nearly identical to its previous year, but with a few minor lighting tweaks and adjustments.

There really isn't anything new here, but fans of this maze will not be disappointed as the walk-through attraction shines with its otherworldly mood, beautiful sound design, and a great cast that really understands the setting. Highlights include a church graveyard, a bordello, and the London sewers as you escape the ghastly blade of Jack the Ripper.

Lock Down:

One scary Kritter

What a wild party!
Another returning maze, Lockdown, places us in the middle of a prison riot and a fight for survival. The maze is as strong as it was last year. The energy is still frenetic and off the hook. The cast in this maze really love what they are doing and it shows. It is a scary, out of control experience.

Club Blood:
Oh these poor Vampires! Maze goers enter a very detailed back alley set and make their way to Club Blood. This is a vampire themed maze featuring a trip to an underground nightclub, a victim harvesting facility, and a reproduction center.

The theme is starting to get a bit tired. The trick of pulling off Vampires is that they need to be at once alluring and terrifying. That's exactly the sort of thing we love. And we'd like to perhaps see a new vampire maze next year or a fresh new approach.

This maze is nicely produced but could use a transfusion of new blood.

Fallout Shelter:

WOW. The new Fallout Shelter maze is an inventive paranoid tour of a nuclear nightmare. Entering a fallout shelter barrack, the old 50's style televisions warn everyone what to do in the event of an atomic attack.

Wandering dark corridors dimly lit by flickering bulbs, we pass radioactive mutants and other creature types.

What really stands out in this maze is the use of lighting design to convey the increasing sense of radioactive craziness. The maze begins in natural tones of warm incandescent light bulbs and siren lighting.

It leads then to more and more blacklight use. In spots at first, the hyper colored mutants soon take over and are running crazy.

This is a maze that holds its energy at a slow boil until all heck breaks loose and impressive animated figures are on the attack.

Don't miss this maze.

Slaughter House:

Slaughterhouse is a maze about a crazy backwoods bar-b-cue place where the special ingredient is the customer. A ghoulish premise that really has some teeth, to be sure.

Doesn't the one in the middle look like a gaunt Kate Pearson?

Once you get past the action scene, pick up and the details come forth. We are treated to a twisted gift shop, a cannibalistic dinner table and the freezer room. We have to say that the talent was up to par and really seemed to get the vibe of the maze.


This is a maze that is not there to terrify visitors. It is a maze that feeds on the playful jolts and enticing atmosphere of magical fairy tales and myths. The maze's strength lies in mystery.

There are some wonderful things here in the first quarter of the maze. The talent in the forest scenes really seem to get the enigmatic aura that needs to be laid out for the rest of the maze.

Labyrinth is an enjoyable walk through if there is no wait, but not something that is a must do.

Next week we will give a full review of the shows featured at Haunt.

There is still plenty of time to go and enjoy the biggest most sprawling Halloween Celebration on Earth.

This year, Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios Hollywood brings to life some of Film's most beloved horror icons. Saw, Freddy, Jason and Captain Spaulding are all here and ready to greet visitors.

Universal has a reputation for being a truly formidable force in the creation of haunted mazes and walk-throughs. But how do the offerings this year stack up? There is some good, some REALLY good, and just a few small missteps regarding show and guest experience.

This review will focus on the mazes, the Terror Tram, and the Bill and Ted show, that are all specific to the Halloween experience.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Never Sleep Again

The new Nightmare on Elm Street maze is an ugly little monster of a maze that recreates some of the most memorable scenes from the recent Nightmare remake.

As with all of the mazes at Universal, the sets are convincing and the performers are polished and frightening. We begin the maze in the abandoned preschool that Freddy worked at before his death. we then work our way into the nightmarish settings from the dream sequences in the film.

What makes this maze is the creative layout and the use of smells and temperature to heighten the reality of the dream world. The Freddy Scare-actors are particularly consistent and convince visitors that they are all one character.

My one complaint? Capacity. We hit several spots where the line of guests came to a stand still for considerable lengths of time (exceeding 1 minute at times). This is a minor complaint and not a real criticism of the actual maze itself, which is expertly executed and a fun scare.

Friday the 13th: Kill, Jason, Kill.

The new Friday the 13th maze at HHN is amazing. The moment visitors pass under the Camp Crystal Lake sign it is clear this maze aims to assault your senses. Jason murders more people in this one maze than I have ever seen happen in a walk-through attraction before. It's non-stop carnage.

We get to see someone in a sleeping bag roasting above an open campfire, a victim thrown into a wood chipper and a few decapitations for good measure. The walk-through is another classic example of Universal's ability to tap into their movie studio connections and create highly convincing environs.

This is, by far, the best maze of the year at any of the theme parks. The diabolical world of Rob Zombie's Firefly family and Captain Spaulding have come to terrifying life. Guests are are confronted with the bright 3D colors jutting out from the facade. Entering Captain Spaulding's Gas station, the smell of fried chicken fills the air and we are in the museum of the strange.

Mmmm Fried Chicken

Come take a tour

The Firefly residence

You wouldn't kill a girl with glasses would you?

The startling use of LED lighting to highlight the swirling patterns of color in the walls turns the entire experience into a gigantic psychedelic trip. The talent in this maze was nothing short of epic. They all emulated the characters from the film perfectly. This is a brilliant maze and a highlight of the haunt season.

The Lunaticz Scare Zone

The Pigz Scare zone on the way to Saw

Saw: Game On

The Saw maze is also well crafted, I will give it that. I appreciate that instead of putting the exact same maze up from last year they opted to freshen things up a bit with a few new traps. Despite the sets being beautiful and disturbing, we've seen this before. Not so much the traps, but the brutal torture and graphic violence has no other point in mind but to disgust.

The Problem with the Saw franchise is that it is a one trick pony. Sure, it is horrifying to see people cutting their own legs off or having to fish barehanded through a pile of needles for a key. But these aren't scares as much as they are awful situations. The only real shocks come from the occasional pig mask villain that pops out of a closet or door way accompanied by a loud noise and strobe.

The Saw maze is impressive but devoid of scares and focuses more on the gross out. If you like blood and guts make sure to hit this maze.

La Llarona scare zone

The Klownz Scare Zone

Vampyre: Castle of the Undead

One big challenge each year is how to re-dress an already existing haunted maze attraction. This year they went with a minimalist approach by reducing the lighting in the maze and filling it with Vampires.

The existing House of Horrors attraction is a maze featuring monsters from Universal's best horror films. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Wolfman, and many others. Slipping Vampires into the settings shared by those films actually works well and comes off nicely.

Check this maze out if the wait isn't longer than 15 minutes.

Terror Tram: Chucky's Revenge

Your Terror Tram ride begins with a very clever story conveyed via the on board screens in the tram. Through a very VH1, Behind the Music style mocumentary we learn that Chucky, the murderous doll, has become bitter with Hollywood for leaving him by the wayside. Chucky has decided to exact his revenge on all of the trams riders and we are once again, dumped in front of the Whoville set of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The coolness factor goes to 11 as visitors get to walk the planks of the Bates Motel. Soon we are led up the hillside to deal with La Llarona and all the killer dolls summoned by Chucky. This area works very well initially, but then peters out as the hike begins. Still, very cool to be out there on the back lot behind the Psycho house.

There is chaos to be sure as the trail then leads past the Psycho house and through the War of the Worlds Plane Crash site. But really, what is going on here? Did Chucky and his minions crash a plane? Or are they taking control of the War of the Worlds set? There are many missed opportunities here to make some very funny jokes about a movie set run amuck, and little is taken advantage of.

We can't blame Universal too much though. If it wasn't for those pesky neighbors the Terror Tram might have actually been something even better this year. Both the brilliant sheet maze behind the Psycho house and the multitude of chainsaws were sacrificed at the alter of being a good neighbor and keeping down the noise. It is fine for the surrounding houses but not so great for the Terror Tram.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 8 out of 10

What is the Bill and Ted show and how do they fit into Halloween? Well, quite frankly, they have nothing to do with All Hallow's Eve. Bill and Ted show is Universal's answer to Knotts' Hanging, but starring everybody's favorite metal heads from the 80's.

The show is a crazy multimedia extravaganza that summarizes the past year's pop culture and lampoons easy targets. There is no climactic execution, but there is a villain set on destroying the awesomeness of Bill and Ted. The show makes fun of everything from Glee to Jersey Shore to the Old Spice guy.

I would highly recommend catching this show as a quick break for your feet and from the grueling lines and crowds of HHN. This is a funny, bawdy, over the top musical show that had me laughing non stop. Sure it's cheap laughs but the show was done exceedingly well.

King Kong 360 3-D: Skull Island Express

Jurassic Park in the Dark 4 out of 10

The name of the ride is a misnomer. This isn't JP in the dark. It is just Jurassic Park at night. The ride's lighting is not adjusted, nor is the ride any murkier. There are no hidden surprises. That being said, the best part about this ride is that you barely get wet. Seriously. I would go so far as to say that the very inexpensive $3.00 ponchos they have for sale are a waste of money if you aren't too concerned.
If you are planning to attend Universal's Halloween Horror Nights we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing the Front of the Line ticket. At around $35 dollars extra, the up-charge ticket acts as an unlimited fast pass for all attractions all night long. The fee may seem pretty steep, but far more frightening are the 90 minute waits for all 5 mazes that we witnessed this past Saturday night.

The crowds are oppressive, no question about it. What is really disturbing about the whole situation is that Universal seems to let so many people into the park that it really affects show quality. Forget the scare zones. They are ignored under the crushing size of the crowds wandering through them. With an hour and a half wait times for all mazes, the average visitor may only have the chance to experience 3 mazes maximum. That doesn't include the Terror Tram. One would spend the majority of their evening in a line. Not exactly the most fun. The equation is a tricky one, but there has to be a way to work out the ratio of things to do and number of people in the park.

Our complaints about crowds aside Universal does a truly amazing job at bringing the horror film to life. Nowhere else have we experienced such completely convincing, fleshed out mazes. These are world class attractions that are designed for horror fans and they do not disappoint. If you have never been, we urge you, get your ticket NOW! But get the front of the line pass too, or you will really see something scary.

Brick-or-Treat Party Nights Admission (included in the price of regular one-day admission). Guests can pre-purchase exclusive PARTY NIGHTS ONLY tickets online for $30, valid for admission from 5pm - 9 pm only.

Brick-or-Treat Trail expands this year with a second Brick-or-Treat Trail, during Party Nights only*, atop the Model Shop in Miniland USA. Both kid-sized cul-de-sacs feature 7 LEGO-themed treat stations and offer a safe, fun and entertaining trick-or-treating experience for kids 12 and under.

Brick-or-Treat Costume Contest. The much-anticipated costume contest returns to Brick-or-Treat Party Nights where children 12 and under show off their boo-tiful costumes in three categories including Heroes, LEGO-themed and Creative.

Also, enjoy ghoulish entertainment, including:
  • LEGOLAND pumpkin patch building activity
  • Haunted Hideaways
  • Howler of the Hour contest
  • Dance Party in the Imagination Zone with wonderful witch sisters Hubble Bubble and Zany Zelda

October 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30
5:00pm - 9:00pm
SeaWorld Spooktacular
Even Shamu is getting into the haunted spirit with Sea World Halloween Spooktacular! Every year SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld Orlando hold the Halloween Spooktacular event where kids are encouraged to come dressed in their Halloween costumes and enjoy a safe trick-or-treat around the park, as well as special Halloween shows and their favorite Sesame Street and SeaWorld characters.

As you make your way through the park, you will see an octopus candy garden, fun-loving Sea Witches, and other festive creatures. Spooktacular San Diego

Main Gate Entertainment: When you arrive at SeaWorld San Diego, guests will be treated to photo ops with their favorite Sesame Street characters including Cookie Monster. Also available will be Pete & Penny Penguin and Shivers the Polar Bear.

The Sesame Street characters host the Countdown to Halloween show featuring Count Von Count, Elmo and your other favorite Sesame Street characters.

Use Spooktacular maps to guide you to 10 sea-themed stations where kids can trick-or-treat among flamingos, octopuses, fish and more. The treat stations are in the center of the park around the Skytower pond. Treats include an assortment of candy as well as healthy treats.

SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular is included with the price of admission

Xanadu Sing-A-Long
A 30th Anniversary screening of the movie Xanadu, with a costume contest and special guests!
Admit it, you totally want to do this!

Corn Maze, Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch

Forneris Farms in Mission Hills, CA 15200 Rinaldi St., Mission Hills, CA (San Fernando Valley)

Weekdays 2 - 5 p.m. - Weekends 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Market with farmCorn Maze, Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch at Forneris Farms in Mission Hills, CA
Cost: Fee charged for Corn Maze (under $10) - Corn maze is closed on Wednesdays for watering. fresh produce sales open daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

PumpkinLiner Trains

Sat & Sun, Oct 2 through Oct 31, Departures: 10 am, 12 noon, 2 & 4 pm, Fillmore & Western Railway, 364 Main Street, Fillmore

Ride a vintage train to "Ichabog" their pumpkin patch at Loose Caboose Garden Center. Pick the perfect pumpkin to make your Jack-o-lantern. Enjoy Jolly Jumps, Arts & Crafts Booths, BBQ food, face painting and more. Fun for the entire family. Tickets: Adults/$19, Children 4-12/$12, Children 2 & 3/$10. Pumpkins from $1. For Reservations Call (800) 524-2546.

Science Center Orange County
Spooky Science: Bug Invasion!
October 2 - October 31


Queen Mary, Long Beach

The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

The Event
Three shipboard and two onshore mazes confuse and ensnare visitors, and although visitors will have every opportunity to turn back, the food, drink and entertainment inside will ensure leaving is unthinkable.

The Gory Details:
18 Nights Oct. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31

7:00 p.m. through the darkest hour of midnight
Tickets for sale online at Ticketmaster.com or each night of the Event starting at 5pm.
General Admission - $35.00
Fast Fright Pass (Cut to the front of the line) - $55.00

Irvine Park Railroad's Pumpkin Patch
Open daily at 10:00 AM. Activities include train rides, a haunted house, carnival games, hay rides, a moon bounce and more.


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