Lights, camera action! We have an exciting and star studded update for you today from Disneyland and Hollywood! We'll start the update with the most exciting way you can experience Universal Studios Hollywood - a real life VIP Experience. We'll bring you along on our first hand account. Then we head down the 5 freeway to the Disneyland resort where the calm before the storm has settled in as they anticipate the openings of both Star Tours and The Little Mermaid in the coming week. The walls have come down around the Little Mermaid and we'll give you a full tour of everything new at the resort. We round out this update with a trip to Knott's Berry Farm and tell you what to expect for this summer. Off we go!

While you may think you have seen everything that Universal Studios has to offer, we have something to share with you that is nothing short of an amazing brush with Hollywood (and not just the fake theme park stuff). The Universal Studios VIP Experience takes guests further in to the realm of actual movie magic than the average guest will experience at the park on their own. Of course, this also means a higher price. Is it worth it? Let's take the tour and you decide.

MiceChat was asked to come along as guests of the tour and check out this optional way to see the park. We arrived before park opening at 10am and bypassed the regular ticket booths to head straight for the VIP Lounge to Check in.

VIP Lounge:
VIP guests are welcomed into a small foyer where they are checked in and given their lanyards indicating they are on the tour. Then you are escorted to a well appointed lounge one story above the entrance plaza of the park to wait for your guide.

Above the park before opening.

The VIP lounge is spacious and offers free coffee, fresh cut fruit, coffee cake and orange juice to those waiting for their tour. the 10am tour time arrived and our tour guide, Luis (Employee of the Month winner in May of 2009) introduced himself and laid out what to expect for the day. We would be taking our own private version of the world famous studio tour, then coming back into the park for front of line access to rides as well as a gourmet lunch buffet.


Luis led our small group of 15 people down to the Studio Tour area. We avoided the normal queue and were led to a small trolley that was parked just off to the right. What was striking was how intimate and open the trolley was. Unless one chose to sit in the small, enclosed area towards the back, the seating faced outward with nothing but a seat belt and small metal bar separating us from the world of movie making.

We initially drove down into the hive of production offices. Here is where films are greenlit, deals made, movies edited, mixed and screened. We were not actually permitted to take photos in the area for the sake of film maker privacy, but we saw Universal's collection on Emmys and Oscars as well. Pretty cool. The vibe one gets from being at the center of a working movie studio is surreal but exciting.

Inside a sound stage:
The tour then boarded the small trolley again and we breezed around the soundstages as the normal tour does. But since this was the VIP tour we were able to take a pit stop, got off the tram and tour an actual working soundstage. In this case, we explored the interior set of the T.V. show Parenthood.

The interior set of a house is built within this soundstage.

Lets' go inside.

Metro Sets and Courthouse Square:
Having seen an interior set, we got back onto the trolley for a quick jaunt into the Metro sets and Courthouse Square. Film geeks would recognize this famous area from the Back to the Future series as well as other T.V. shows like Ghost Whisperer.

It is admittedly a real rush to be walking around movie sets that you have seen so many times on the big screen. Imagine walking around the same set that Doc Brown was on. Yeah. Pretty freakin' cool.

Guests are allowed to wander if they like, just stay off the grass!

Courthouse Square

While the long trams of regular tourists zoomed by quickly, we took our time strolling the street sets by foot, putting us directly in the middle of the magic.

Nothing in between us and the huge ape. WOW!

The Prop House:
Luis calmed our nerves with a trip into the Universal Studios Prop Shop next. A prop is anything that is handled by an actor and can be removed from the actual set. the vast collections of movie curios from one of the busiest movie studios in the world was sure to hold some surprises. Entering a large warehouse we boarded an elevator to the third floor and there the fun began.

Yes, even the Where's Elvis game.

It's the wicked raptor of the east!

Yes, that is E.T. from the old attraction, sitting on the throne from Gladiator.

That's a lot of luck!

Grampa Munster's organ

Luis shared an interesting story with me about these props from Jurassic Park. Spielberg has a great attention to detail apparently. During filming, he required all crew members to fit their shoes with the dino feet in the far right hand corner of this case. Why? So that whenever the camera was rolling, where ever it panned on the set, there would only be dino tracks and not human footprints. WOW.

Another film geek moment: The actual mask from Creature from the black lagoon.

props from Hellboy and Hellboy 2

The sarcophagus from the 1930's Mummy film

sad but funny and true

Every little thing you could think of.

And this too.

The Backlot Tour:
What was continually impressive was that we missed nothing from the existing Studio Tour attraction but enjoyed it on a far more intimate scale and at a slower pace. In each tram attraction it was just us, nobody else.

Hey Luis!

Hunchback fans will recognize the Court of Miracles.

The blind man's house in Frankenstein.

And then we pulled into Earthquake.

Right in your face.

Fast and Furious blows up right in your face (and still manages to be the weak link on the tour).

Yay Jaws!

Norman Bates does not seem happy that we've stopped by. Heart racing, put that knife away Norman, we are strapped into the trolley and can't get away!

Grinch Sets

Our last walk around stop was through the War of the Worlds set.

But wait, that's not all. The VIP Experience isn't just about being able to get off the tram. We were guided to the International Streets near the T2 attraction and treated to a full on all you can eat gourmet buffet. Nice!


We knew lunch was included but who knew it would actually be GOOD!? There were salads, about 14 different dishes to please any palette or dietary concern, and dessert. Let's look at what we had.

There was the normal comfort food...

chicken breast

Lobster "Mac" and cheese

Tortellini salad

Caprese salad

and yummy finger food desserts

So that must be it, right?!

The rest of the Day:
Guests who opt for the VIP experience also have their day in the park planned out as well. There is no waiting in line, nor any scheduling conflicts. After the tour is handled and lunch is squared away, our guide walked us up to each attraction where we were escorted to the front of the line, no waiting. We hit The Simpsons, T2, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Shrek 4D, and the House of Horrors all without a line. It was kind of like being a movie star. Right this way sir to the front of the line. Very cool.

I've got to do it, what does it cost?:
Is the VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood expensive? The price, at $259.00 per person, is steep. That's at least the cost of an annual pass to the other parks. But let's do the math.

A day pass at Universal Studios Hollywood costs $74.00. Currently Southern California residents can pay for a day and get the year free. But, for out of towners, this is a one day price. If you want the Premium pass that includes free parking, no black out dates, and priority access to the regular Studio tour, it is $139.00.

So, clearly, If you are a local to Universal Hollywood, you might not be in the biggest rush to get on the rides or shows on one particular day. You could simply wait for the off season and come back when it is less crowded. But there is no way to get the super fancy Studio Tour with walking access to the soundstages and backlots. For the true Universal Studios Hollywood fan, or the major movie buffs, this is a hands on Hollywood experience. We would highly recommend that, if you are looking to see this park and want to better understand how a studio works, do the VIP experience at least once. Save it for when friends or family come from out of town or just treat yourself to a special day. We would also recommend this tour for the busy season when lines are long throughout the park. You'll get the double advantage of an amazing tour and not having to wait in line.

Even better for those from out of town:
The perspective changes if you are an out of town guest. You can spend $74.00 for a one day ticket, or $139.00 on a one day ticket that would include a front of the line pass (not including the $15 parking). But you would not get the amazing, VIP version of the world famous Studio Tour, and you would also have to be concerned with the cost of meals.

The VIP experience really takes the stress out of planning your visit to this park and gives you a perfect tour of the back lot and park shows and attractions. You get your breakfast, a guided tour, walk-throughs of working sets, all the studio tour attractions, no lines on any of the rides and a huge buffet in the middle of the day.

So, our take on it is that if you think Universal has nothing new to offer this year, think again. You can plan to get a whole new perspective on this working movie studio and theme park. It does come at a price, but to out of towners and fans of the park, it is certainly worth the splurge. When mom comes to town to visit, THIS is where we are taking her. She'll be beside herself as she walks through the actual sets of her favorite shows and movies.

You can book a VIP Experience by following this link here.


Work continues on the CityWalk Cinemas and the CityWalk stage.

New signage has gone up on CityLoft for the Infusion Lounge.

A new smoking area adjacent to the Blues Brothers stage has opened replacing the one between Cartooniversal and the Gibson Amp entrance.

Louie's is now closed until mid-June for some back of house improvements.

A wall has gone up once again separating Western Street and the old Wild West Arena. Unlike previous walls in that area, this wall features silhouettes of characters made famous by Universal (Frankenstein's monster, the creature for the Black Lagoon) or that are licenced in the theme park (Shrek and Donkey). The decals were individually applied to the wall and look rough in some areas.

It was finally announced that Jimmy Fallon's debut on the Studio Tour will take place on Thursday June 2nd.The first set of new props have been added to the War of the Worlds set. This batch is mostly trees and bushes.

This week we take a gander at the progress at Transformers and even get a glimpse of track.

Disneyland has been previewing the new Star Tours and the Pirates premiere has completely moved out. Here is what the parks looked like this week.

The gardens around the hub are a blaze of vibrant purple (we did not enhance the color)

Crowds were huge over the weekend then dropped off to nothing during the week.


After the Pirate Premiere, more construction walls shot up around the Golden Horseshoe. While across the way work continues on the new outdoor vending location in front of Big Thunder.

(Please don't let it be another french fry cart!)

We like these full graphic tarps. Construction is never pretty but these really help keep the spirit of the area. A very nice touch.

Tight clearances in Frontierland


Star Tours: The Adventures continue has begun Cast member Previews and this weekend a few lucky pass holders will get to take their first rides on the newly re-vamped attraction. In short, it is a huge success. This is a very well made update to a now classic ride which breathes new life into the Star Wars universe. The multiple story lines will have you getting back in line over and over again for a long time to come.

Looks beautiful on the inside and out

California here we come! Right back where we started from. Scaffolds, construction walls and concrete. Here is your weekly fix of all things being constructed inside DCA.

But before we get to that we have this editor's note from Al Lutz. Lutz wrote on his site...
The World of Color programmers cooked up a new Pirates segment for the upcoming Halloween show, and felt it worked better than the original version from last summer. Some schmoozing between TDA and Studios execs two weeks ago at the movie premiere party about furthering the great Anaheim-Burbank relationship led to an offer to slot most of the new Pirates segment in as a summertime encore to promote the film further. This new Pirates encore and a freshly tweaked World of Color show debut tonight and should run through the summer season.
Interesting, no? Okay now on to the dca update.


The Pan Pacific entrance is becoming more visible as the white accents are appearing against the teal blue structure.

'Round the backside.

The Carthay Circle theater building

This is the Performance Corridor where the Carthay is going up on the left and an unidentified new structure on the right (just before the Grizzly waterfall)

Do you see anything missing here?

An info booth and covered seating area was here just a couple weeks ago

The info booth is now history.

New attraction posters have appeared in the Blue Sky Cellar as well as a new video featuring more from The Little Mermaid Ride.


This week a new concrete wall is being constructed just on the other side of the construction fence near Pacific Wharf. Is this how the are going to ease the transition from the wharf into Cars Land or will it somehow be obscured?

Here is a more intimate look at the Curio Shop and Luigi's

And now for the Restaurant and shop report. Things are coming along, yes indeed.

Palm trees have been planted along the corridor and
green roofing is being installed on the archway.

The Garden Grill.

Beer Hut

A colorful new sign has emerged or Seaside Souvenirs.
Perhaps they painted that basic looking carnival on the sign so we'd feel better about Paradise Pier?

The Corn Dog Castle sign has also been repainted.

The new dining area near the Corn Dog Castle is going to be a nicely shaded place to chow down on an artery clogging meal.


Goofy's Sky School recently had its animated 3 dimensional signs installed and a nice, puffy cloud pattern has been applied to the facade walls obscuring the otherwise ugly track and supports. Disney also gave us the first look at the new attraction poster. pretty cool.

New attraction poster


The Little Mermaid walls have come down and we get our first look at the marquee sign and queue.
As with Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure has been previewing to cast members and will hopefully be followed soft openings before the opening day on June 3rd.

It was just officially announced that Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular will be returning this year on May 28th. Of course we've known that for quite some time as we've watched the lights being strung in Camp Snoopy. A little something to look forward to.

the planetary scene has been intsalled.


Knott's is taking this last opportunity to get ready for summer as The Dragon Swing, Wave Swinger, and Sierra Sidewinder are all down for refurbishment.

Windseeker is finally close to going vertical. The foundation is set and the pieces to the tower are all on-site.

The tower is in pieces just waiting for assembly

Today's update was brought to you by the following members of our fantastic and talented crew of photographers and news contributors: F!an, Captphoebus, Ericbramey, Fishbulb, and Dustysage.

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