Over the past year, I thought I had it pretty good. Turns out, I glossed over the rough parts and only saw the good things. Things actually weren't that great.

A lightbulb went on today as I was driving out to meet the glorious SunnyG for lunch.

I am happy.

I have the best friends anyone could ask for. Friends that have been been so spectacular to me over the past week in all my turmoil. Friends that love me even though I have my faults. That made me feel important when I felt unworthy.

To my friends and family - thank you for helping me see that the issues I was dealing with last week are not my issues. And thank you for pulling me out of my lowest low to see that my life can be so much better than it has been.

Love you guys.

And to the DMCA girls (and my mom) who will understand the reference - it's really fun being yummy.