What's up Dorks?

Don't be alarmed! I refer to all of my Disney friends as Dorks... because that's what we are.

This is a post from my blog www.evilgeniusguide.blogspot.com. I decided to put some up on MouseWait. I like to think my blog is a little unconventional. Hopefully you will learn something... Well, I really just hope you are entertained.

This is about what I bring to the Park.


A go bag is a bag(obviously) that is kept ready in case you need to bug out or, in the case of FSL(Future Supreme Leader a.k.a. my wife) and I, evacuate because we live in a high fire danger area... and by "high fire", I mean my lavatory sometimes, not often... but sometimes, erupts into flames... also, our kitchen when I cook.

HAHA! I clearly meant laboratory before... my bathroom rarely bursts into flames.

I also have a Disney "go bag" kept ready to go at a moments notice. Semper Paratus. That's Always Ready, for those of you who don't speak Latin. Geesh!

In the past I just carried things in my pockets when I went to Disneyland. It worked in a pinch, but everything was cramped and I always worried about dropping something(like I lost 20 bucks today. Stupid pockets!). Then I got wise and wore cargo shorts! Boom! Genius right? You would think so, until you carried something in the lower pockets and had to deal with the constant banging on the knees. Annoying! A few years ago FSL and I came to Disneyland for 5 days and I decided I needed to find a bag to bring with me to carry our stuff. I thought about backpacks, fanny packs and canvas sacks(not really, I just like to rhyme). I finally decided that a messenger bag would be the way to go. Backpack is too big and on your back, fanny pack is... well, a fanny pack, but the messenger bag can be worn out of the way then swung right in front of you for easy access to the inside and ease of getting on and off rides. The trick was to find a small enough messenger bag. Not as easy as you'd thing, but being an Evil Genius, I worked it out.

Here she is! My go bag!
It is an extra small Timbuk2 bag. I may even say it is a micro size because I haven't been able to find one this small again. Thank you ebay! It is made of ballistic nylon and a water proof liner. Keeps everything high and dry on Splash mountain!

It holds everything I need with room left over in case I need to throw anything else in it like my phone or wallet or a Vinylmation or 3.

What's inside? Calm down and I will tell you!

Outside pockets are perfect for Fastpasses(got some left over). We usually give them away, but sometimes we lose track of time and pass the return time... Disneyland IS enforcing the times now.
Also parking slips... Don't know why I took a picture of this...
Pens! I never need one if I have it, but when I don't carry them, I ALWAYS need one.
Hat! Super important. I sunscreen up in the morning then carry a hat for the afternoon. I used to carry sunscreen in the bag, but I had a few too many misfires and covered everything that can't get sun burnt(sun burned? Maybe I should just go with burned by the sun and forget about it) with a healthy coating of SPF 50. This is my camo boonie cap. Folds up like magic.
Oh, I see you met Crayon. I found this Crayon(it's red and awesome) on the stairs at Ariel's Grotto. Now it travels with us. Here is a weird thing about me. I totally feel comfortable with you guys so I will open up a bit(like I have a problem with that)... I find, having something behind my ear comforting. So... sometimes, Crayon is behind my ear... and in Splash Mountain photos!
FSL and I also carry extra pin lanyards(thanks Ashley and Jaymie!). We have thrown a couple of pins on them to help kids start collecting. Kinda blows people away when you walk up to a family and say "here you go". Spread magic! HAHA! I can't believe I just said that!
Always have at least two extra lanyards with traders.

Yes, that is a Chad pin from High School Musical. Beat that weirdos!

I have an autograph book. It has one purpose. I only have one autograph because... well, I am a 38 year old man... is it weird to wait in line to get a Princess to sign my book? I think so... Hopefully when we go to Disneyland with my 7 year old niece, I will be able to fill it up. Really, it was purchased with the sole intent of getting Marry Poppins autograph. Kinda, maybe sorta, was my first crush... Spit spot!
Cruella De Vil was nice enough to sign it one day, but I only did it because I was the only one in line.
Extra socks! I hate walking with wet feet. After Splash Mountain? Dry socks are like falling asleep in a freshly bade bed. I wear Smartwool Running Socksbecause I love my feet, but I literally can only afford one pair of socks at a time. Being an Evil Genius doesn't pay as well as you may expect.
I also carry an Anker external battery for my cell phone with an adapter for FSL's iphone. I should also see if they make a Carthay Circle Biscut adapter because apparently they are more important that her phone. It is small, and was inexpensive. I can get two charges if I need it. They have the charging lockers at Dland, but I just don't trust them.
I also carry extra locking pin backs in a tic tac container... Occasionally a tic tac will pop out so it's like bonus candy.
Decorations, good luck charms... I think the actual scientific name is "dillybobberus keychainus" but don't quote me on that.

At other times I have also carried a flash light, just because... and a violet laser... makes the glow in the dark stuff glow...
That is my go bag. Any CM friends that may read this will have definitely seen it and anyone else will be able to identify me super easy now... just follow the cloud of awesome... or look for the bag, which ever is easier. Prolly easier to follow the awesome cloud...

I totally recommend bringing something with you to carry stuff in. Find what works for you!

Getting close to 5000 page reads! I want to keep up the momentum! Let's do this!


P.S. I really like using the "P.S." I just having a hard time saying good bye to you guys... haha! I posted a link to follow "me" on Facebook so you can keep up to date with all the happenings.