Jumping the gun here a bit... I was going to do one post a day, but I figured "what the heck"... Bonus post for today! Wooooooo!

This was from 3-7-13. It was just a day in the park...

I promise I will eventually give you some useful information and not just blather on. Although, I love to hear myself talk so maybe you will have to suffer a bit longer.

The FSL and I went for a play day in the Parks yesterday. It was supposed to rain, but the sun was out most of the time we were there. Near the end of the day the clouds came in and it turned down right chilly. I loved it! There was little crowd. I mean there were times the FSL and I could walk with our arms out and not come close to touching anyone else(not saying we did that... buuut not saying we didnt). Aww heck I will just give you a run down of out day and hopefully throw some useful info as we go.

Here we goooooooo!

That was from Peter Pan. I sounded just like Peter... you will just have to take my word for it, my Disney impressions are SPOT ON!

Started out kinda bad. We were pulling into the Mickey and Friends parking structure, it's got 10,000+ parking spaces(I counted) and someone realized that they had loss their annual pass. I'm not going to point fingers or place blame, but in this case I will... a gnome stole my wallet, took my AP, left the money and library card, and slipped it back into my pocket. For real.

Had to go to the ticket booth and got a replacement. Smooth and painless. We started out at California Adventure. We went to Off the Page to trade Vinylmations. Off the Page is in Hollywood Land and they sell the collectable stuff, prints, Vinyls, books, shadow boxes and stuff, it's pretty, pretty, pretty cool. We always carry a couple of them to trade. It's kind of fun, we have gotten some good ones and worst case scenario we just get a different one to trade. Here is the haul from yesterday, can you guess the keepers?
Keeping C3PO, Mickey Shirt and Snowspeeder Luke. Dumping Captain Link Hearthrob
After we did that we went on Tower of Terror. Great ride! Hint: There is a gauge downstairs in the queue that has Burt Reynolds face on it. I asked a CM and they said bought all the decorations at estate and garage sales and they just bought it like that. I was sitting next to a guy who was there with his daughter. I made up a back story based solely on his looks. Chuy is in a gang, he has lived a rough life but has a 4 year old daughter and he wants to make things right for her. I think they call that stereotyping, but I call it killing time in line. Needless to say, he looked tough. Nope. White knuckled the whole way. If you have never been on this ride and want to go on a ride where people routinely applaud when it is done, this is the ride for you! 'Nother fun fact. It isn't actually a drop ride. You get pulled down faster than gravity. Couple moments of weightlessness with out all the rockets and stuff.

I think this may be getting too wordy and I want you to read it all so I will fast forward to the end complete with random pictures.

Radiator Springs. Great. Over to Disneyland. Winnie the Pooh. Heffalumps and Woooozles, Heffalumps and Woozles steal hunny... Beware, BEWARE... Splash Mountain.Soaked. Snow White. Dumb ending. Buzz Lightyear. Lost. Back to DCA for dinner.

One more impression... Wrrrrraaaaaarrrrrggh. Harold from the Matterhorn! NAILED IT!

We went to Cove Bar because we had a hankerin' for the chicken nachos. They are lobster nachos, but FSL is allergic to shellfish(Don't get any ideas when she is Supreme Leader, no anaphylaxis, it will just make her more powerful) so we get it with chicken. Yum. Our favorite bartender/mixologist, Windsor was there, she makes the Anything But Old Fashioned and it is delicious. I could tell you what is in the drink, but... you know... I just don't want to. You will have to go see Windsor at Cove Bar or BevMo in Pasadena to find the recipe. We were there late enough to be able to see World of Color from a completely different perspective. It is an amazing show from the normal viewing area, but from Cove you get to see it all happening from above and to the side. I recorded the last couple of minutes of it. The video doesn't do it any justice.
Seriously I could keep going, but I will spare you having to use your brains. Wouldn't want to overload you with awesomeness.

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P.S. Oh yeah. Saw this dude. Ahh nice 8mm movie camera and bag of cotton candy. Guess what dude... She only sees you as a friend.
P.P.S. Tomorrow Will be my Spring Break Post!