Hey Dorks!
This post is from Spring Break of 2013.

There are two thing I hate in this world, heat and crowds. Spring break at Disneyland is chocked full of both of them! Sounds like a recipe for a crappy time, but FSL and I hadn't been there in a week so we decided to bite the bullet and brave the mob.

I got to the park fully intending to have a bad time and be stressed out from the sheer volume of people... people who don't watch where they are walking... and have strollers... and let their kids push the strollers... then leave the stroller in the middle of the walkway clogging them up like my arteries... and just stop in the middle of the walkway... God I hate Spring Breakers, the movie and the people. We had three things on our must do list for the day. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail where they are doing and easter egg hunt, find the "Sweet Spot" by Inoventions and while away the hours in our secret spot away from the masses.

We got to the Park about two hours after opening and I figured we would still have a 30 minute wait to get to the turnstile. The Plaza was... not too crowded. No wait at all to get in.

We got in and went right to Redwood Creek for the easter egg hunt. It was pretty cool. They gave us a map that had clues and challenges to figure out a secret message. It is almost Easter so I will show you where some of the eggs are. If you have never been to the Challenge Trail at DCA, you should check it out. Lot's of pictures!

Merit Badge! What what!!
After we earned out merit badge(yeah we did), we went to The Little Mermaid ride. Every other time we have been it has essentially been a walk on, but yesterday it said 20 minutes. We saw parts of the queue that we never even knew existed, but the line went fast and we weren't even in line for 10 minutes.
Where the hell are we going?

Does this place even exist?
The park was crowded but if you weren't waiting in line for a ride... It wasn't too bad... We went to the Pacific Warf Cafe to get soup in bread bowls. The line was wrapped around the outside. I waited in line for about ten minutes and wasn't even close to the door yet. It was almost noon so we decided to skip the wait and go to Cove Bar. There were no lines there. No families. No strollers. PLUS we got to see our friend(I hope it isn't to much of a stretch to call her that) Ali who may or may not have absconded with the biggest strawberry in the world for FSL's drink.
These people had some green ***'d drinks.

It was good to see her. DOUBLE PLUS! Windsor(great mixologist and Supernatural fan) was also there, so we got to catch up and talk about Walking Dead.

After lunch we went in search of a Disney Urban Legend. Allegedly there is a Sweet Spot at Innoventions that if you stand in a certain spot and whisper, your voice is amplified. Guess what? We found it and it is TRUE! Not only is FSL the Future Supreme Leader, but she is the Worlds Greatest Detective(I know some of the nerdy readers out there are yelling to their computers saying that Batman is the Worlds Greatest Detective, but Batman isn't real... Sorry to ruin your day). There is quite the meme on the internet that if you yell "Andy's coming!" to any of the Toy Story characters they will fall back as if they are pretending to be just toys. This recently popular Disney Urban Legend is FALSE! Don't believe anything you read on the internet... ahh, except this blog. There may be times where a Woody will freeze if he hears it, but as they are not allowed to lie on the ground the internet rumor is just that, a rumor. Any more Legends you want us to investigate?
FSL on the Sweet Spot

There is is...
Baby ducks! Spring is in the air!

We ended our day at Carathy Circle for dinner. A most unusual occurrence happened during our dinner. We had just received our salads, FSL had the beet salad and I had the apple crisp with bonus bacon if you were wondering, and the golden, delicious, cheesy orbs that are the Carathy Circle House Biscuts. Our server Ashley was talking to us and there was a flash of light! The fire alarm started blinking, no sound, just a flash. The wait staff all looked at each other wondering what to do. Finally the chef came out and said that everyone needed to evacuate! The FSL inquired, "Can we take the biscuits?" We were escorted out side just in time to watch the fireworks over Disneyland. Due to FSL's quick thing and decisive actions the biscuts were saved! She left her phone on the table, but took the biscuts, which answeres the age old question. What is more important and iphone or Carthay's House Biscuits? The answer... a resounding BISCUITS! In your dead face Steve Jobs(too soon?)!

The Biscuits
The Carthay staff safely across the street.
Dinner AND a show!
Save the Biscuts, save the world.
I know what you are thinking, could he had said biscuts more in that last paragraph? Yep! I totally could have.

Oh, we got back in right after the fireworks ended and everything was back to normal. Essentially what happened is that we got a "walk off" of a restaurant!

Rest of the pictures from the day are here.

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If this contest goes well, I will do more and even jazz up the prizes... depending if I get any donations(I was going to try to use the donation button to raise money to get the movie John Carter for a future blog post, but FSL got it for me), things may get real jazzy!

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