Hey! It's Jumba! I am back! I haven't posted anything in a while, but I am back to posting some or my previous blogs until I catch up. This one is from April 6th 2013. This is mostly about DCA and Cove Bar. It's short so I will put up another one in a few minutes. As always, you can read my blog in it's entirety at my site.

Hey Dorks!

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Speaking of contests! We had a winner in the first Vinylmation contest! There were only two entries so I did a super awesome coin flip(it was a Canadian coin btw) and everyone give a hardy congratulations to Brianne of Petaluma, CA! She will be receiving two adorable Vinylmations and the biggest of thanks from me for actually entering the contest! Get it together everyone else!

We had a friend come into town earlier in the week so we beat him into submission(literally... no wait, figuratively) and finally he relented and went with us to Disneyland! Spring break is still in full swing so the parks were pretty crowded.
Yes, he IS wearing a Chad pin...
Super Soldier Serum

The Iron Man-hattan!
Well after a few... minutes... at Cove(thanks Windsor), Fatty Matty decided that we should go on the Mickey's "Fun" Wheel, or as FSL and I have been calling it since we went on it the ONE other time, the Wheel of Death! Again, I am an Evil Genius, I am not afraid of anything, except spiders and mimes, but this "attraction" would be better used as a torture device. Some of the gondolas just go around in a nice smooth, peaceful way like you'd expect on a ferris wheel. The other gondolas... swing... and slide... and make you feel you are going to fall off the face of the planet.
That's Fatty Matty! He has other names but we're in mixed company!
California Screamin'
Ariel's Grotto
Paradise Bay with the Little Mermaid ride in the background
Here is a video. I am not proud. I think I said "I'm still alive" 100 times... er- that was totally to reassure you, the readers, not to reassure myself
There was 4 adults in the gondola all white knuckled preparing for the worst and one smug little girl who had NO fear! Uggh! She was the worst!

Went over to Disneyland to trade some Stitch pins. Crowds were awful between Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion.
Strollers... The bane of my existence.
Soundsational Parade pics... took holding my phone over my head as we headed out(yeah, I am that good).

I have another post ready to go that I will put up tomorrow. Rossco SoleTrain will be back with LeftoverLand Part Three. New poll question will be up soon. Oh and in case you didn't realize it, there are little buttons at the bottom of each post you you can EASILY share this with friends! Don't forget to subscribe to the email and be entered into the contest!

Go out on a limb here. What Disney Park attraction can you live without and why? Leave a comment or shoot me an email with your answer.