Okay so I am participating in National Novel Writing Month right now (see my sig line) and I am having a very funny moment.

I am writing a scene where my main character just kinda' got forced to say "I have a breast cancer evil scare." to students in her class (long story there) and her guy friend in the class proposes before she gets the biopsy that she enjoys her boobs for one night, and in essence (okay more than essence) he basically is like "dude I want to touch your boobs".

Now here's the thing in my brain it would be funny as hell if in the middle of the high school hall she just lifts her top and lets him touch them right there and then. It would just be like "dude... you want to touch them? So many other people in the last 2 months have, go ahead." But as I am writing I am like "it would be more awkward if it's longer drawn out. Plus that's more words." (I need 50k by Nov.30th) So I am going to write out the whole thing out where it's super awkward and such and maybe in December if I don't like the scene go back to my original idea.

Suggestions? Ideas? I am posting this here because my inner editor is supposed to be on a vacation right now, but it's not.