I was trying to think of these witty blog titles about my novel for Nano this year but I'm stuck.

This year my novel, which was inspired by a fact in the Espresso lounge (the love and relationships factoid thread), was supposed to be this cute little chick-lit novel that would be fun and easy to write. I thought I'd gloss over certain aspects because chick lit doesn't really deal with those. It deals with fun and "I just ate a million calorie waffle and I should feel bad but I don't!" It started out cute. Currently my main female character (aka main character) is totally depressed and makes House look perky. Seriously. This is what I'm writing. So I'm having problems continuing. But it feels like based on what I've written and the response for far from the people who have read parts, I should keep going. I just feel like I need a stiff drink after I write. But I'm at like 15,000 words since Saturday. If I seem down lately it's because Dottie Parker won't get out of my head!