This is going to be a giant KVETCH. Warning now:

I'm one of those people that believes homemade gifts or semi-homemade gift are the best kinds of gifts. I'd rather get a really pretty card that one of my friends made me than some gift set from Bath and Body Works. So every year I make everyone on my list something. It's cheesy I know, but that's how I roll. And I mean I knit, I sew, I freakin' modge podge! I've knit copper and silver wire to make jewelry that's my extent of craftiness (seriously wear gloves while doing that! Learned that the hard way). But I also dedicate November to writing a novel (and I know people are like "well if you really are a writer you write year round" I do that too! I just like the challenge of a novel in a month.). So my typical October and December are spent crafting while November is noveling. This works out really well normally. This year not so much. See I moved in October. The only crafting/knitting I did was to clear out half skeins of yarn in my stash (and I did an awesome job at that) then gave the works to people I might not see for awhile. So I was going to knit in December... until my mom decided all the Christmas packages sent to my relatives in California are leaving next week.

This is what I have to knit by next week:
-6 hour throw (it says to use size 50 needles, I'm going to use 35 and I'm using a different yarn than homespun because that stuff itches!) maybe 2
-2 pairs of slippers (there's a pattern that uses size 10 needles big needles are awesome).
-a hat with bobbles on it (it's really pretty actually.)
-a digital camera case. Maybe I'll felt that.
-And I saw really cute knit pointsetta orntaments that would be adorable gift tags that I want to knit up.

On top of this enterlac scarf I have to start (I messed up and had to start over) and finish by Sunday! Mind me as I drink too many pots of coffee! And on top of that I have a 7 hour HIV course I need to go to tomorrow and TWILIGHT! I'm going to be knitting during Twilight's midnight showing I bet... Turd.