I finished my Nano novel. I need to brag about my awesomeness right now. 4 days early and I actually life this story. Basically it tells the tale of a 20 something we all wish we could be (sexy, English degrees, getting her PhD, etc) who gets engaged to this Scottish guy. Within 10 pages he dies. So it's then about how 5 years later she can't get over him, changed her life around to be where he was before he died, and has all these issues (seriously dark and depressing). And oh yeah, the fiance? Now a ghost! Then she meets a guy, who basically had his world turned upside down and is making the best of it. So she started to shake her life up, and living again, with the ghost of the fiance watching. Kinda' love-triangle with a dead guy. And then the guy was actually the guy that rescued her the night of the accident. I have a formal 1 sentence fancy version of the plot. But it's like what happens if the ideal chick lit character gets into a car accident with the ideal chick lit male, gets totally depressed, sees a ghost, and has to get over her life. Lots of fun. Need to brag.

Now I must knit like my life depended on it (the scarf is almost done, giving that to Grandma. The blanket... I'm thinking of making it a blanket/wrap thing because I didn't cast on enough. It's like 2 feet/18 inches wide.).