The weather people said there's a possibilty of snow this weekend. If this was Running Springs, I'd be freaking out. But right now I'm just like "yay!" It's different here because... I don't know. Maybe because last year when the snow hit we were so isolated and if you tried to drive anywhere and hit ice you went down 6000 feet. Now my mentality is "okay if I really need to go anywhere I can walk." And I'm within walking distance to everything (any store I have a desire to go to, Dad's work, the whole town is like 4 miles long so...), plus it's flat if I need to drive there's no real falling. But I went to the library, picked up some chick lit, have cocoa and blankets I'm kinda' excited just to have a snow weekend. It's like I'm living in a Studio (department?) 56 village.